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Data Strategy in the HOV Lane: Data Governance Rides Shotgun


Thursday, July 11, 2019 | 12:25 p.m.

Chicago, IL – Marriott Marquis Chicago

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Organizations are famished for Information and are employing heroic Data Strategies to acquire, organize, publish and assimilate data into their enterprise ecosystem. The emergence of Chief Data Officers, infusion of Big Data, Data Lakes, Machine Learning and the specialty of Data Scientists over this decade are evidence of the IT shift from Systems to Information. Ultimately, the Business drives Data Strategies through the corporate strategy.

The changes from a structured engineering culture to that of the creative and innovative mindset is enticing with the benefits of the data-driven company. However, it has immense peril for those who journey has begun but the momentum hasn’t been realized.

This presentation will cover the steps one makes in embracing a corporate Data Strategy while using Data Governance as the accelerant rather than the throttle.

  • Business strategy drives enterprise architecture, which in turn, drives data strategy
  • Starting points in the data strategy
  • Aligning governance processes to the business strategy and the data strategy
  • Enlist champions through the data governance council where they guide the data strategy
  • Prioritizing limited resources
  • Demonstrating measurable progress


Jim Orrison is a Principle Consultant for XTIVIA who partners with business leaders to ensure data initiatives stay aligned to strategic objectives. With 30+ years in the evolution of Application Development and Database Management systems, Jim has led innovations in Information Integration between platforms and partners.

William “Bill” Marcial is a Governance Architect for XTIVIA. He creatively solves complex problems by optimizing the use of data and technology to enable business growth, process simplification, and innovation. With 20+ years of blended IT & business experience, Bill has led high-performing teams to execute with excellence and deliver measurable results in fast-paced, regulated environments.

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