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Dynamics 365 Solutions

Accelerate Your Results

Leverage XTIVIA’s expert consulting and Microsoft’s leading-edge solutions to upgrade your business relationships, operations, and ROI.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM & ERP
Sales – Marketing – Customer Service
Business Central – NAV

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Implement Your Vision Fearlessly 

Your requirements drive the project + XTIVIA’s Microsoft expertise makes the most of your existing systems = minimal disruption while transitioning to connected digital solutions


Sales and Marketing

Relationships Create Revenues – Microsoft Dynamics 365


Align Sales & Marketing

Ensure quality leads, connect the customer hand-off seamlessly with shared information and connected workflows to make the most of your pipeline and your conversions.

Manage Touchpoints

Understand and manage each business relationship to deliver maximum value at each touchpoint and be more proactive in meeting their needs.


Personalize Interactions

Your customers are individuals with lives and interests — treat them like the people they are — put their preferences first and deliver relevant timely information.


Integrate Existing Apps

Innovate your systems by connecting with and extending your existing technology investments for frictionless operations and maximized ROI.


ERP and Finance

Systems Without Silos – Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (NAV)


Optimize Operations

Streamline manufacturing, warehousing and production workflows to deliver on-time with efficiency.

Faster, Accurate Close

Accelerate financial closing and reporting with accuracy due to cross-referenced, streamlined data from all parts of the organization.

Manage Budgets

Forecast and manage financials from budget to actuals with real-time data so you can intervene and redirect as needed.


Have confidence in having full knowledge from the breadth of the organization for compliance with regulatory standards, protocols and guidelines.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the right technology to deliver greater value to customers, optimize employee workflows and streamline operations for both today and tomorrow.

XTIVIA’s experts help you implement solutions faster and easier.

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