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Microsoft Power BI

Turn raw data into practical business intelligence insights.

Microsoft’s popular, proven PowerBI solution:

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Get the info you’ve been missing—anytime, anywhere, in the cloud. XTIVIA’s unparalleled Power BI support gives you training, setup, and integration of Microsoft’s Power BI. Partner with XTIVIA and get a Business Intelligence solution you can use to its full potential.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of cloud-based Business Intelligence tools that give you a window into the big picture of your business’s day-to-day processing. You may know which of your products or services sells best, but do you know why? Microsoft Power BI reveals data trends, changes over time, and visual representations of customer, employee, or overall business data, using data sources spread out across multiple systems.

Are You Making the Most of Your Business Data?

Microsoft Power BI’s flexibility means you can scale and adapt its available tools to whatever your company needs. This way you’ll be sure that you’re only recording and analyzing the most important, relevant data you need to streamline management, make smart predictions, and make confident decisions—in minutes rather than hours, days, or weeks.

Connect to all of your data—no matter where it lives.

XTIVIA’s Unique Approach

We build solutions, plain and simple. We identify problems and solve them—for others—for you. 
To understand your business needs, we have to understand your technology challenges. 
At XTIVIA, the relationship is step one.

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