Application Performance

Optimize the performance, access, and
monitoring of applications with a robust APM
solution for your business.

Application Performance

Optimize the performance, access, and
monitoring of applications with a robust APM
solution for your business.

Monitoring multiple users, applications, and infrastructure components.

You need to monitor multiple users, applications, and infrastructure components—with a unified way to track application performance over the entire lifecycle, without consulting multiple platforms or tools.

To minimize delays and start-up failures, it’s also critical that you’re able to monitor application readiness prior to deployment. You’ll need to keep an eye on application performance to detect degradation and accelerate troubleshooting and remediation in order to prevent dips in user productivity or SLA violations. The answer?  An XTIVIA Application Performance Management (APM) solution.

XTIVIA’s state-of-the-art APM solutions incorporate end-user experience monitoring, real-time monitoring over multiple services within the application server environment, the ability to track thousands of system and application metrics, analytics that allow you to project performance trends, and much more.

Working with XTIVIA’s APM Team

XTIVIA combines enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) and DevOps mastery with the real-world experience of applying these skills to resolve complex reliability and performance issues. We can help you define your APM strategy, architect and design your solution, design and execute an implementation plan and provide ongoing APM support.

As part of XTIVIA’s 2-4 week strategy engagement, we conduct several discovery sessions in order to gain a deep understanding of your current APM methodology, pain points, key objectives and priorities. We’ll work closely with you to architect and design an APM strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. Next, we’ll create a roadmap and transition plan to incrementally implement APM improvements—based on your team’s capacity and needs, we can help you implement the transition plan using our expert implementation service offering.

An XTIVIA APM team expert will facilitate a performance management approach by:

  • Leveraging the breadth of the APM solution by mapping target applications and logically dependent services across functional domains within the IT infrastructure: client, WAN, LAN and various servers, including web/app, database, and storage networks.
  • Applying the depth of the solution by optimizing the performance and forensic data-capturing capabilities of your APM product. This typically includes metrics on transactional workload and infrastructure responsiveness. Forensic data gathered by the APM suite contains code-level traces, detailed resource tracking, and network traffic inspection that reveal transactional paths throughout the infrastructure.
  • Customizing the solution’s analytics capabilities within your specific environment.
  • Outlining the monitoring technologies currently in place to collect data for this APM solution in support of production environments.

This type of engagement will produce the following deliverables:

  • An assessment of application performance monitoring needs across the enterprise
  • A map of existing servers, tiers, platforms, and application infrastructure
  • Facilitation of a proof-of-concept deployment of the APM tool suite
  • A roadmap for APM deployment within your organization
  • Facilitation of learning for the key staff interacting with the APM solution

To streamline the implementation process, XTIVIA will then propose an APM deployment strategy, including key milestones and risk mitigation.

XTIVIA’s Proof-of-Concept (POC) process will emphasize the critical advantage an APM solution will bring to your enterprise. The POC process facilitates optimal implementation, as well as risk mitigation—both of which will result in increased productivity for your end users. It will also lower deployment costs, positively impacting internal and external client satisfaction.

XTIVIA will optimize the implementation plan to best fit the validation of your working assumptions, with the goal of minimizing potential roadblocks and maximizing success. Our POC process covers the following areas that are critical to enhancing application performance management for your organization:

  • Application baseline performance analysis
  • Application discovery and dependency mapping
  • Application migration planning
  • Application network readiness
  • Application performance testing and evaluation
  • Java and .NET application performance analysis
  • VoIP performance analysis and troubleshooting
  • Citrix performance analysis and troubleshooting
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Web services performance optimization
  • Server consolidation and virtualization analysis
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Performance monitoring, alerting, trending, and analysis

A performance application project like this typically requires 1–2 senior-level resources, such as an enterprise systems architect and enterprise systems engineer, and takes approximately 2-3 weeks—depending on the size, scope, and complexity of your situation.

An XTIVIA APM POC will Produce:

  • A map of the existing application infrastructure topology
  • Assessment of your application performance monitoring needs
  • Facilitation of a POC deployment of the APM solution
  • A roadmap for the overall APM deployment process
  • Learning assets for staff who will be interacting with the APM solution

To streamline the implementation process, XTIVIA will then propose an APM deployment strategy, including key milestones and risk mitigation.

XTIVIA will work with your team to implement end­-to-­end APM transition plans that help you evolve your organization’s APM maturity and realize the associated benefits. We emphasize knowledge transfer to your team for long­-term sustainability. We can also help you with pilot programs as well as augment your internal DevOps team with experts that assist similar organizations with APM needs on a daily basis.

XTIVIA can provide customized, ongoing support for your APM tool set to ensure you’re using it to effectively manage your IT infrastructure and applications.

The XTIVIA team will partner with you to ensure:

  • Fine-grained end user experience monitoring
  • Pervasive application component monitoring
  • Cross-tier transaction tracing and analysis
  • High-performance federated analytics

Each of these benefits will help promote end-to-end performance and general root-cause analysis, resulting in the following downstream benefits:

  • Early detection of application performance issues to enable proactive troubleshooting
  • Single tool suite APM for the entire lifecycle to enhance deployment and mitigate risk
  • Data gathering and analytics to support decisions about infrastructure improvements and application performance
  • Optimized user experience by monitoring trends in historical data affecting application performance (minimizing any delayed response to potential performance degradation)
  • Monitoring application users in real time to enhance application functionality and to minimize any potential SLA violations
  • Enhanced troubleshooting, root-cause analysis and remediation
  • Accurate mapping of the relationships between applications and associated infrastructure components
  • Predictive data regarding potential infrastructure improvements as they influence application performance
  • Promotion of team cooperation and collaboration by proactively identifying potential application performance and infrastructure enhancements and issues

Philosophies & Culture:

As a company, we have been strong believers in “doing it right the first time”, so we deliver great solutions for our customers the first time, every time. And we also hire only the best and the brightest talent so we can add value at every turn.

INC 5000 & CIO Review Top 100:

XTIVIA is on Inc’s List of 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. XTIVIA was chosen as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Web Application Solution Providers for 2016, and as one of the Top 100 Most Promising Technology Companies for 2014 by CIO Review, in addition to many other awards.

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