XTIVIA can help you move your data to AWS in various configurations and expertly manage your database and your entire AWS environment once you are there. We can help you from the planning through the implementation and with ongoing management and support.

Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift
Amazon DynamoDB

Move into AWS Cloud Databases:
Safely, Reliably

AWS is the leader in the cloud and our experience combined with AWS tools and services are your recipe for success.

Whether you are looking to migrate some or all of your on-premise databases to Amazon Web Services or looking to set up new workloads on AWS we are here to help.

AWS Databases include multiple RDS database engines (Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server) and Redshift for traditional relational databases, and DynamoDB for NoSQL. These AWS offerings provide multiple benefits including –

Reduced Operational and Licensing Costs
Zero (or near zero)
Downtime Migrations


Understanding how to move to the AWS cloud involves not only the database schema and structure, but also requires the best possible application compatibility and ideally, better performance than you have now.  We can assess your current database environment and utilizing the AWS Schema Conversion Tool along with our experience we can estimate the magnitude of the migration to AWS RDS.  Our goal is to reduce your application downtime as close to zero as possible, not only optimizing the migration process but also the application performance and its management moving forward.

Amazon Aurora Database

If you need high performance, high security, and high availability you want to use Amazon Aurora. It is Amazon’s PostgreSQL and MySQL compatible database designed to be fast, secure, and always on.

XTIVIA can migrate your Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, current AWS RDS database or other on-premise or cloud-based databases to Aurora with minimal downtime and minimizing existing application modifications.


If you want to use the leading database as a service offering, reducing the overhead required to deploy and manage the traditional Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle,  MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, you want to use Amazon RDS where you get a cloud-native managed database platform. Amazon RDS significantly reduces the overhead associated with managing databases compared to their onsite brethren.  The XTIVIA team can handle the entire process of moving you to RDS or we can just help you do the things with RDS that your team hasn’t had time to learn. Just help us understand your current database environment and we can help you choose the RDS instance that is right for you.  We can help you migrate just about any database platform to one of the supported RDS databases.

Migration for relational and NoSQL databases to AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Moving your current on-premise Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Db2, Informix, or NoSQL (MongoDB, etc) databases to AWS EC2 instances allows you to take advantage of the AWS highly available EC2 instances. This not only allows you to reduce operational overhead and costs of your current on-premise systems but gives you lighting quick and scalable virtual machines and storage. XTIVIA can help you with the architecture, pricing, implementation, migration and ongoing management.

You can migrate your own database software licenses to EC2 or use Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) where the licensing is included, depending on platform availability. Xtivia can help you understand the licensing as well as purchase any licenses you may require and then our expert DBA team can take it from there.

AWS Redshift Services

Redshift is Amazon’s massively parallel, column-oriented database deployed on their AWS platform, It is particularly suitable for OLAP style workloads such as big data, analytics, ETL, and data warehouses.  It can be brought up and running very quickly, quite easily and most importantly, cheaply. Did we mention that it’s almost linearly scalable? It’s no surprise that Amazon Redshift is the fastest growing AWS offering.

If you are currently using an Oracle Data Warehouse, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, IBM Netezza, or other Data Warehouse system, we can help you make the intelligent move to Amazon Redshift.

Making the move to AWS or already there

XTIVIA can move an on-premises or other cloud based database to a Amazon RDS or EC2 database in most cases using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool, supporting the popular source and AWS RDS targets listed below. If you don’t see what you want below, talk to us, it just means that a more hands on approach might be needed to make the jump to a database on an AWS EC2 instance in the AWS cloud. Whatever you have, we can help you get it into the cloud.

Your Source Database Amazon RDS Target
Oracle Database Amazon Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB
Oracle Data Warehouse Amazon Redshift
Microsoft SQL Server Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB
Azure SQL Amazon Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Teradata Amazon Redshift
IBM Netezza Amazon Redshift
Greenplum Amazon Redshift
HPE Vertica Amazon Redshift
MySQL and MariaDB PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
IBM DB2 LUW Amazon Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Apache Cassandra Amazon DynamoDB

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