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Streamline Your Azure Migration

Shifting your existing workloads to the cloud can be daunting. You need to consider which Azure services to use, how to automate and test the Azure migration process, what to do to mitigate the risks associated with the Azure migration, and how to monitor and verify the resulting services are meeting your customers’ needs.

Beyond that, you need to match your existing infrastructure with such elements as virtual machines, shared databases, and clustered storage – these offerings are different enough to give traditional operations teams trouble when handling a direct migration.

To tackle these types of challenges, you need a trusted partner with experience moving complex workloads from in-house data centers to cloud-based platforms.


Azure Migration Strategy

Workload Translation


Operations Strategy

Security Concerns

Infrastructure Automation

Cost Analysis

Extend Your Infrastructure
to the Cloud

Even if you are not looking for a full migration of your infrastructure to the cloud, extending your existing databases and services into Azure can have significant positive effects on your business.

Whether you’re looking to extend your services into new geographic areas, set up backups for existing infrastructure, or leverage Azure’s capabilities to provide a resilient high-availability solution, there are many compelling reasons to spread your organization’s reach into the Azure cloud.

Moving to a hybrid delivery model brings additional complexity, however; knowing how to implement, maintain, and secure hybrid service offerings requires a savvy level of cloud implementation knowledge. XTIVIA’s database and infrastructure migration services brings our decades of experience in working with this kind of scenario to deliver frictionless cloud-based migration solutions for organizations of all sizes.

OUR AZURE Expertise

Long-Term Partnership to Make Your Azure Efforts a Success

Our world-class agile development process, transparent project management, and end-to-end implementation skills (all the way from architecture to devops to managed support) will ensure your Azure cloud migration goes smoothly.

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