We help you transform the way you do business with your B2B trading partner network using Boomi EDI. Our certified Boomi EDI Architects and Developers help you with onboarding new B2B/EDI trading partners, configuring B2B/EDI integration processes, and testing and launching new B2B partners across your entire ecosystem—customers, suppliers, distributors, and more. 


EDI has been around for a while (since the 1960s) and is vital for the  flow of information between different businesses. However, given its age and given the evolution of the digital, connected economy, it is time to modernize and streamline your EDI network.

Enter Boomi EDI and XTIVIA!

» Are you just getting started with Boomi in general or Boomi B2B/EDI in particular and are looking for expert Boomi Thinkers and Doers?
» Do you want to outsource onboarding new B2B/EDI trading partners?
» Do you want an expert, experienced Boomi EDI implementation team that you can rely on to mentor and supplement your in-house Boomi team?
» Do you need a Boomi operational support team to monitor and support your Boomi infrastructure, Boomi integrations, and/or Boomi EDI connections/transactions?

Yes, XTIVIA can support any of these use cases by providing you Boomi B2B EDI implementation services that fit your needs! Schedule a complimentary Boomi EDI development services consultation on how we can help you meet your needs—with excellence.



Boomi B2B/EDI Implementation

Our team can help you with:

» Boomi B2B/EDI consulting
» Boomi B2B/EDI development
» Boomi B2B/EDI administration
» Boomi B2B/EDI operational support
» Boomi B2B/EDI troubleshooting


Boomi EDI Managed Services

Outsource your Boomi B2B/EDI implementation:

» Annual managed services agreement for ongoing Boomi EDI implementation and support
» Bucket of hours to use as you need
» Customize our service to fit your specific business needs, be it a minimum of 10 hours a month to 200 or more hours a month

Boomi EDI Services Scope

We cover all your Boomi B2B/EDI needs:

» B2B Trading Partner management
» B2B Trading Partner connectivity
» EDI document mappings
» Reusable EDI components
» EDI troubleshooting and error resolution

XTIVIA’s Boomi Expertise

Integrate everything—SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, JIRA, Zendesk, Active Directory, Shopify, SuccessFactors, OpenAir, Intapp DealCloud, Intapp OnePlace, Various Databases (Oracle, RedShift, Postgresql, SuiteAnalytics), Active Directory, Various AWS services (SQS, S3 …), Cloud Warehouse Management Systems, Quiet Logistics, Shipwire, EDI, and much more. If you don’t see your particular system or application listed, please ask us; we may have implemented integrations with it and just not listed it here.

App Development

API Design


Application Integration


Data Integration

B2B Management

EDI Management

Workflow Automation


Broad and deep skills in all aspects of B2B/EDI connectivity!

EDI 850 (Purchase Order)

EDI 855 (Purchase Order Ack)

EDI 856 (Shipping Notice)

EDI 810 (Invoice)

EDI 820 (Payment Order)

EDI 811 (Consolidated Service Invoice)

EDI 846 (Inventory Catalog)

EDI 832 (Pricing Advice)

Trading Partner Setup


XML EDI Standards


X12 EDI Standards



AS2 Connections

SFTP Connections

HTTPS Connections


No obligation, no pressure. We’re easy to talk with and you might be surprised at how much you can learn about your Boomi EDI initiative or your Boomi project by speaking with our experts.


XTIVIA has worked with Parts Town for over two years on a large Boomi implementation program providing Boomi consulting and development services as well as ongoing Boomi managed services. A key portion of the Boomi program has been B2B/EDI implementation with key customers and suppliers.  XTIVIA has helped Parts Town onboard over 50 trading partners, and continues to work with the Parts Town team on adding more EDI trading partners. Some of the common EDI documents across these trading partners include:

» EDI 850 (purchase order)
» EDI 855 (purchase order acknowledgement)
» EDI 810 (invoice)
» EDI 811 (Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement)
» EDI 846 (Inventory Catalog)
» EDI 832 (Pricing Advice)


While Boomi is THE leading integration platform (iPaaS) and has excellent B2B/EDI capabilities, there are several common mistakes that can occur during an EDI implementation in Boomi. With XTIVIA’s Boomi EDI experts, you avoid the following common pitfalls and embrace best practices.

  1. Not fully understanding the EDI standards and requirements for the specific industry or trading partner.
  2. Not having proper understanding of EDI process and not configuring the process accordingly.
  3. Not properly configuring the EDI mapping and transformation settings.
  4. Not properly testing the EDI integration before going live.
  5. Not properly handling errors or exceptions during EDI processing.
  6. Not properly monitoring and maintaining the EDI integration after it has been implemented.

It’s important to have a thorough knowledge of EDI and the Boomi platform, testing and monitoring to ensure a smooth implementation.

Boomi EDI/B2B FAQs

What EDI standards does Boomi support?

Boomi has built-in capabilities for handling multiple Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats, including both commonly used standards such as XML, X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet, and Tradacoms, as well as the ability to create custom standards.

What trading partner connectivity options does Boomi EDI/B2B support?

Boomi enables connectivity with trading partners through various methods, including AS2 (which is certified by Drummond), FTP/Secure FTP, and Web Services using SOAP or HTML.

What are the typical steps involved in implementing Boomi EDI capabilities?

Typically, you follow a 4-step process for implementing Boomi EDI.

  1. Define—easily establish and manage connections with your trading business partners such as customers, partners, and suppliers.
  2. BuildUtilize a developer-friendly, drag-and-drop interface to set up B2B/EDI integration processes that enhances developer productivity.
  3. Deploy—Deploy your EDI transactions securely and scalably.
  4. ManageKeep track of all integrations through a centralized dashboard that eases monitoring and management of your EDI connectivity. Create comprehensive reports for your EDI transactions to streamline tracking, troubleshooting, and reconciliation.

What skills do you need to implement Boomi EDI capabilities?

Implementing Boomi EDI correctly requires not only overall expertise with the Boomi integration platform, but also the nuances of EDI. 


With XTIVIA, you get Thinkers and Doers that bring our library of Boomi best practices, time-tested integration patterns, and reusable templates to fast track your Boomi implementation. Explore our full portfolio of Boomi services to learn more.

Long-Term BOOMI EDI Partnership

We help you do Boomi EDI right and realize the full value of Boomi as a modern integration platform! Our Boomi EDI experts are not only well-versed in the full-breadth of the Boomi platform but also the nuances of EDI. Maximize your investment in Boomi with our superior agile development methodology, transparent project management, and end-to-end Boomi implementation skills.

Our commitment to your success makes XTIVIA your long-term Boomi EDI implementation partner.

Let's Talk Today!

No obligation, no pressure. We're easy to talk with and you might be surprised at how much you can learn about your project by speaking with our experts.

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