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Liferay DXP Consulting

Liferay DXP isn’t
just our specialty.
It’s our calling.

Liferay DXP Consulting

Liferay DXP isn’t
just our specialty.
It’s our calling.

Partner with Proven Experts for Your
Liferay Portal Digital Experience Project

Partner with Proven Experts for Your Liferay Portal Digital Experience Project

With Liferay DXP, you can quickly build customized websites, portals, mobile applications, and digital experiences for your specific business needs, at a lower cost.

Consolidate, shape, and improve your web presence until it feels like more—like an experience. Liferay DXP provides the building blocks to make this a reality. While vendors are evolving their classic Portal and Content Management Systems (CMS) into more powerful digital experience platforms (DXP), the results can be hit-or-miss. Liferay DXP is a leader in the digital experience platform space, and XTIVIA’s talented engineers have a passion for making the most of it for visionary enterprises.

We’ve honed our skills and built our team over 20 years of changing conditions and evolving technologies. With our expertise, we create unparalleled enterprise-level websites, customer and partner portals, intranets, and multi-tenancy systems. Our esteemed list of customers includes HP, Nintendo, Dominos, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rite Aid,  Bosch, and Schneider Electric. No matter your company’s size, XTIVIA is poised to give you accelerated, quality results today.

The Right Liferay DXP Consulting Partner is a Pivotal Choice In Your Project.

Learn about XTIVIA as a Certified Platinum-Level Liferay DXP Partner. When it comes to helping you capitalize on the power of Liferay DXP, we are the proven, recognized leader.

XTIVIA Enables Hewlett Packard to Redefine Partner Engagement Using Liferay

Faster Delivery

HP needed to consolidate seven different partner portals, update the design, and greatly improve the user experience for hundreds of thousands of partners in less than 11 months. XTIVIA delivered.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Every company is looking for ways to be more productive while lowering costs. HP needed a lower total cost of serving their partners. XTIVIA delivered.


A Fortune 20 company like HP expects and deserves best-in-class enterprise-level results when so much of their business – and their Channel partners’ success – is at stake. XTIVIA delivered.

The partnership we received from XTIVIA was crucial for the successful delivery of our new global Partner Portal to hundreds of thousands of partners. XTIVIA’s expertise is best-in-class and more over their unrelenting commitment to our company’s success.

Anne Anderson

Senior Director of Partner Portal & Experience, Hewlett Packard


XTIVIA’s solutions built on Liferay allowed Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama to improve user experience and streamline business operations. These solutions include four public websites, a member portal, a provider portal, a customer service hub, two mobile apps, and more.

XTIVIA is a truly amazing vendor partner and an expert on the Liferay Portal. Their collaboration and insightfulness on our projects have all led to successful deliveries that we wouldn’t have made without them. I have given them several tough deadlines, and they have delivered on time and on budget with a super quality product.

Todd Hamilton

Department Manager, Application Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Liferay Services

Using a phased approach, XTIVIA’s Liferay Portal DXP experts can help you realize ROI quickly and improve end-user satisfaction. Our top-notch software practitioners, combined with our knowledge of enterprise portals, content management, single page applications and deep integration expertise, enable us to deliver superior results.


Liferay Consulting and Implementation Services

We have portal specialists with thousands of hours of experience and proven results. Solving your business challenge is our goal. We’ve built more than platforms – we’ve built a team.

Liferay Performance Tuning and Support

If your Liferay system needs a boost, or you want to optimize your application and database, we’ll assess and tune your environment appropriately.


Liferay DevOps

XTIVIA combines industry-leading processes and state-of-the-art tools to create an efficient solution that delivers ongoing value.


Liferay Enterprise Edition Software

Purchasing Liferay subscriptions through XTIVIA allows us to improve your ongoing investment and give you meaningful consulting, integration and support services under one umbrella.


Digital Experience Design

Let our team clearly translate your vision and company branding objectives into a smooth UX with sophisticated frontend designs, delivered on time and within budget.

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Digital Experience Blog: From Strategy to Technical Nuggets

XTIVIA Jetservice

XTIVIA Jetservice is a framework designed to generate JAX-RS REST services deployed in Liferay DXP. XTIVIA Jetservice is a companion framework to XTIVIA Jetray that provides a yeoman-based generator that rapidly creates a gradle-based JAX-RS REST services project with...

Upgrading Liferay DXP 7.0 to 7.1

Liferay released its latest DXP 7.1 in Q2 2018; this release comes with a wide array of new features and updates designed to put more useful tools in the hands of users. You can find out more about new features in DXP 7.1 from this excellent blog Top New Features in...

Account Linking Amazon Alexa Skill with Liferay DXP using OAuth 1.0a

Wouldn't it be great to ask Alexa for your electricity bill, and it will tell you your bill amount, due date and other relevant stuff without having to visit the electricity provider's website or opening their mobile app. For that to happen, Alexa needs to know the...
Overriding the Default Favicon in Liferay DXP without Development Effort

Overriding the Default Favicon in Liferay DXP without Development Effort

Liferay DXP Configure Favicon Displayed to the End Users A favicon (pronounced "fave-icon") is a small, iconic image that represents your website. Favicons are often found in the address bar of your web browser, but they can also be used in lists of bookmarks in web...

Troubleshoot HTTP 502.5 Process Failure Error in Azure API App

Microsoft Azure provides an extremely quick and easy platform to deploy API Apps without the end user having to worry about the infrastructure or the deployment process. This is made even simpler when using Azure DevOps. In a customer environment hosted in Azure,...
Key Highlights from the 2018 North America Liferay Symposium

Key Highlights from the 2018 North America Liferay Symposium

I just recently returned from the 2018 Liferay Symposium for North America (#LSNA18) in New Orleans or N'Awlins as some like to say, and since this was my tenth Liferay Symposium, I figured it was time to write about my reflections from this year's symposium - a full...

Debugging Modules in the OSGi Runtime

The OSGi Ecosystem All deployed artifacts or bundles are modules that coexist in an OSGi container. Much like how Java has access modifiers, these modules can export selected packages to be consumed by other modules. Packages not explicitly exported will not be...

Liferay DXP Apache HTTPD Health Checks

This article is intended to provide multiple options to perform health checks at the Apache HTTPD level to ensure that traffic is routed to the healthy Liferay instance. Please note that even though the configuration options speak about Liferay as the load balanced...

Adaptive Media in Liferay 7.1

Introduction This article is a primer intended to give you an overview of Liferay 7.1 Adaptive Media. This blog post should give you an idea of what Liferay's adaptive media is and how to use it. The administrator can define multiple image resolution rules, while the...
Custom Error Pages in Liferay DXP

Custom Error Pages in Liferay DXP

This article shares XTIVIA's best practice recommendation to handle custom error pages. Best Practice The recommended best practice from XTIVIA is to create a static HTML page with corresponding image/css/js assets, which will be stored on the...
Open Source Agility Delivers in The Experience Economy

Open Source Agility Delivers in the Experience Economy

We are in the Experience Economy, meaning that how your customers, users, partners, and stakeholders experience your brand at every touchpoint determines your market relevance and, ultimately, the success of your enterprise. Technology gives you the agility needed to...

Using Riverbed APM Tool to Fix Outages Caused by a Performance Issue

Initial triaging steps The Systems Engineering team at XTIVIA took thread dumps, heap dumps, and started analysis of Garbage collection logs to get an overview of the JVM health. Thread dump analysis of the Liferay Server 02 showed a number of blocked threads that are...

Choosing the Right Mobile Development Strategy for YOU

This article / e-book is intended for the Product Owner, IT VP/Director/Manager, Enterprise Architect, or Mobile Developer who is tasked with trying to implement a mobile app, and is confused by the multitude of mobile app development approaches out there and the...

Top New Features in Liferay 7.1

In this article, we cut through the hype and get down to brass tacks and share the top features in Liferay 7.1. What does Liferay 7.1 offer up to make an upgrade worthwhile? How about TWO new product offerings in addition to the slew of user experience improvements!?...
Change Cookie Processor to Legacy Processor in Tomcat 8.5 for Liferay Dxp

Change Cookie Processor to Legacy Processor in Tomcat 8.5 for Liferay DXP

Summary of the issue It is highly recommended for customers to upgrade to Tomcat 8.5 since Tomcat 8.0 has reached the end of support on June 30, 2018. With Apache Tomcat 8.5, Apache has introduced new features and has improved the performance. However, after the...

Digital Experience Blog: From Strategy to Technical Nuggets.

Window into Liferay Publishing Black Box

This article provides a guide to building a "hook" to show the list of "Web contents" when using Liferay publishing. Introduction Liferay CMS is a...

Why Did Liferay Stop Supporting An Internal Lucene Cluster in DXP?

Have you wondered why Liferay decided to remove support for an internal Lucene cluster in Liferay DXP, and replace that with Elasticsearch? Why do I...

Introducing Speedray Architecture Pattern for Liferay DXP

As many of you know, at XTIVIA we have been working with the Liferay platform ever since the Liferay v3.6 days (circa 2006), and over this time, not...

SharePoint to Liferay Migration Tool

Learn about XTIVIA’s automated “SharePoint Liferay Migration Tool” for migrating SharePoint sites, users and content to Liferay error-free & fast, with lower cost.

Portal-ext Changes in Liferay DXP

There have been a significant number of changes to Liferay DXP's configuration process, and one of the most significant changes has been the...

Migrating to Liferay DXP: Things to Keep In Mind

Liferay DXP represents a massive evolutionary change in the basic nature of Liferay's underlying platform, and as such, it presents a unique set of...

What is a Digital Experience Platform and Why You Need One?

Digital Experience Platform or DXP, User Experience Platform or UXP, Customer Experience Platform or CXP - you have probably heard some or all of...

Top 10 Features of Liferay Forms

The Forrester Wave report identifies that the proliferation of customer touchpoints, applications, and digital interactions demand a new technology...

Top 5 DevOps Features in Liferay DXP

Liferay DXP is getting a lot of attention as of late, with articles popping up detailing how the platform has substantially improved usability and...

Liferay DXP Audience Targeting 2.0 Overview

This article is a primer intended to give you a Liferay DXP Audience Targeting overview. You do not need to know much (or anything) about Liferay in...

The Top 10 New Features in Liferay DXP 7

Introduction As many of you know we have been working for 10+ years on the Liferay platform, ever since the Liferay v3.6 days (circa 2006), and have...

Top 5 New Features in Liferay DXP UI Development

The release of Liferay DXP 7 brings with it many changes to the way we develop Liferay themes and layout templates. Although sometimes change can be...

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