Vicinity by XTIVIA

The True Value of your Salesforce Environment is in your Data.

Vicinity by XTIVIA is a Salesforce1-ready application which provides users with a fast, simple, cost-effective way to locate nearby leads, accounts and contacts within their Salesforce database.

With Vicinity by XTIVIA, you can give your users the power to unlock the “where” in your data—putting your sales team in control and in front of customers as they quickly navigate to find the opportunities that will drive revenue and increase income.

Data is geolocated in advance and stored in SalesforceVicinity by XTIVIA Advantages:

  • Faster searching = less time waiting, more time selling
  • Immediate geocoding of newly added records and information
  • Executed automatically; no administrative oversight
  • Simple user interface: search criteria, maps and mobile
  • Customizable filters to narrow results
  • Single- or multi-point mapping and routing
  • Utilizes established Microsoft Bing mapping technology

Assign Salesforce topics to search results:

  • Filter and list data by topic for easy search recall
  • Map data from list views with accurate results
  • Use established Salesforce views to map locations

How to Install the Vicinity App

How to Use the Vicinity App

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