EBX Product MDM Design and Implementation for Laboratory Analysis & Management Enterprise Solutions Company


Our client is a leading, global provider of end-to-end solutions that help scientists, researchers, and clinicians better diagnose disease, discover new and more personalized drugs, monitor the safety and quality of our food, and drive environmental and applied analysis excellence. Our client collaborates closely with commercial, government, academic, and healthcare customers to deliver reagents, assays, instruments, automation, informatics, and strategic services that accelerate workflows, deliver actionable insights and support improved decision-making.


Our client did not have proper governance for new product creation, product updates, and retiring products. When a new product is initiated from SAP, an email was manually sent out to multiple stakeholders asking them to fill in the data required for product attributes. Coordinating with stakeholders for new product additions and obtaining approvals were managed via email. A similar manual process was followed for coordinating product updates and retirement. This manual intervention led to delays in the process, communication issues between different functional teams, and delays in communication regarding retired products to production teams. It was difficult to find the count of new product creations initiated, the count of products being updated, the count of products being retired, the stage where each workflow is, etc.


Our client engaged XTIVIA for designing and implementing a TIBCO EBX solution to govern the creation, updates, and retirement of products. An initial discovery phase involved understanding the current-state pain points and future-state requirements (Phase-1, Phase-2, and Phase-3) and providing a budgetary estimate with resources, cost, and a detailed project plan. After obtaining approval for the project plan and budget, XTIVIA was engaged to implement the solution for phase-1 which would form the basis for later phases.

XTIVIA designed and implemented a scalable and extensible solution:

  • Created the data model for 100 reference and 20 master data tables
    Supported the client in loading around 30 million rows in both reference and master data tables
  • Validated the EBX infrastructure configuration in DEV, UAT, and PROD environments
  • Created perspectives to fit the security and user experience needs of around 40 roles
  • Implemented an SSO solution to authenticate into the EBX product MDM application by using SAML authentication with Azure Active Directory
  • Implemented role-based security for data elements and workflows (read-only, create products, update products, retire products, and attribute-level edit access to specific roles)
  • The daily product data updates coming in from SAP into EBX were staged in the child dataspace and processed on a scheduled basis
  • Product updates from EBX were syndicated back into SAP via Boomi
  • Reference data lookups were implemented and when required reference data did not exist in EBX, a workflow was triggered to create the required reference data elements
  • Leveraged EBX out-of-box feature as much as possible and implemented custom coding in Java as necessary
  • Used best practices and naming conventions based on our experience
  • Implemented reminders for workflows with no activity
  • Implemented scheduled jobs in EBX for various Business functionalities
  • Implemented more than 10 governance workflows for product creation and modification
  • Implemented 50 business rules to identify and improve the data quality

Business Result

Our client realized the following benefits from XTIVIA’s implementation of the EBX 6 solution for managing products.

  • Faster data search at a global level in EBX
  • Automated workflow eliminating manual intervention and errors
  • Significant reduction in process delays
  • Improved coordination and communication between different departments
  • Visibility into the product management workflow status at any given point in time
  • Availability of high quality and the single source of truth product master data

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