XTIVIA’s client is an international car rental and fleet-management service that serves millions of customers annually with 5,000,000 vehicles throughout the past five years in more than 15,900 global locations. In an attempt to simplify the operational and financial risk of such an array of locations and vehicles, the company licenses its brand out to roughly 60 international franchises. Additionally, the client also serves “Insurance Replacements”—for insurance companies such as All State and State Farm insurance—to a wide range of corporate customers.


With a vision to innovate and revitalize archaic operating systems which inhibited business initiatives, XTIVIA’s client embarked on a corporate technology transformation. Specifically, 25-year-old legacy platforms required updates and changes in some 18 systems that covered six database vendors. Being significantly constrained by inflexible legacy systems and defective location operations, the client needed an experienced partner to help consolidate location information and improve location management processes. Prior to their partnership with XTIVIA, the client’s location management was riddle with informational delays, unnecessary operational costs, and various redundancies in location data.


Using XTIVIA’s Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) services—specifically, Data Governance, Master Data Management (MDM), and Data Quality—the client received a centralized global management of locations, a systemized database of more than 53,000 location records. XTIVIA’s team of technical experts strategically organized the client’s location data and provided a variety of solutions such as:
  • An agreed-upon location master record and technology transformation program.
  • Specified business involvement and approval.
  • Population services with built-in data quality improvements.
  • Trusted and concise versions of location entities to create uniformity across vehicle sales, rental locations, and fleet management locations.
  • Authorized delivery of corporate assets to all services.


XTIVIA was able to create testable master locations for the new corporate digital experience, which created consistency across all locations and reduced redundancies in the client’s data. With the new corporate digital experience, the client’s location management was efficiently streamlined and avoided previous inconveniences by:
  • Eradicating informational delays between client and third-party aggregators.
  • Creating a single source of corporate rental locations.
  • Removing double entry of customer-facing information by marketing organization (and inherent time lags of the service).
  • Maintaining consistent service hours, driving instructions, contact information and ownership/branding considerations for improved customer experience.
  • Reducing time and cost of location closures.
  • Affording proper tax liability by location.


15,900 Customer Facing Locations 38,000 Vehicle & Asset Management Locations 32,000 Vehicles Added & Sold Monthly 37,000 Employees KEY COMPONENTS EBX 5, Informatica 10.2, SQL Server MuleSoft AnyPoint Cloud, Tableau Microsoft Azure Cloud Download the Case Study PDF here

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