An industry leader in safety for 3+ decades as a result of revolutionary slip-resistant, durable, comfortable, and stylish shoe outsoles. They protect employees working for more than 15,000 companies in more than 100,000 locations worldwide from slip and falls by having the right footwear. Slips and falls cost companies $70 billion annually, but their corporate programs greatly reduce the risk of employee slips and falls, and make comfort, safety, and style available to all their customers’ workers. The company just invested two years into innovating their entire product collection for upgraded comfort, technology, and design to ensure optimal employee safety.


When it came to their IT architecture, the company had legacy systems that presented numerous challenges:

  • They could not scale to handle merger and acquisition volumes, nor did they have flexibility with new processes.
  • Integration issues when it came to financial and accounting systems, or partner systems.
  • They had no in-house talent with skills to manage the systems and no end-view of transactions.


XTIVIA was engaged to design and implement a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution on several levels. There was a technology transformation in terms of the IT architecture and systems, with an enterprise-grade technology-based solution. This solution also addressed omni-channel needs in terms of future deployments. Business processes were re-engineered to be streamlined for maximum productivity. And the customer’s data warehousing needed to be expanded to process data as well as extract data intelligence into actionable insights for users to make informed decisions.


The business results have been significant to date, and there’s promise to deliver even greater results in the coming months. The company did not need to compromise on their solution; instead, they got best-in-breed technology and implementation. They have an upgraded and superior user experience (UX) built into the system, along with the best business logic layer and best persistence layer. Their system is now flexible and modular, as well as omni-channel, which means they can implement an upgrade once and deliver it to everyone everywhere in the system right away. Their IT is now proactive,vs. reactive, in terms of identifying errant processes and user issues. They have real-time insight garnered from their data. And they have reduced their technical debt from legacy code, batch jobs, unsupported technologies, patched applications, etc. This also streamlined their technology investment by not paying for outdated technologies or skills to keep legacy tech functional.


34 Years in Business
15,000 Companies Served
100,000 Customer Locations Worldwide
1 outsole factory to control production
$70 billion spent on slip/fall injuries annually in the US


Data Warehousing
Data Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Business Processes

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