XTIVIA’s client is an international car rental and fleet-management service that has served millions of customers annually with five million vehicles in more than 15,900 global locations throughout the past five years. To simplify the operational and financial risk of such an array of locations and vehicles, the company licenses its brand out to roughly 60 international franchises. Additionally, the client serves “insurance replacements” for insurance companies such as Allstate and State Farm to a wide range of corporate customers.


The client wanted to differentiate themselves from other service providers and resolve data anomalies by providing vehicle-based highlights to their customers at the time of pick-up. Vehicle highlights are a set of car features important to the client, ranging from rating, marketing, sales, purchasing, planning, and customer-car matching perspective.


The XTIVIA testing team helped the client test the vehicle features and highlights. The team also performed data quality and data profiling checks to ensure the correctness of processed data. Data comes from multiple sources and must be structured, processed, integrated, and loaded to target tables. Additionally, the XTIVIA testing team:

  • Prepared production-like data for testing well in advance to reduce wait time and improve test coverage
  • Maintained a metadata repository containing all information about the source, target, mappings, transformations
  • Made sure that ETL jobs ran and completed successfully before starting execution
  • Used tools like Beyond Compare to enhance quality and optimize testing efforts
  • Make sure that defects are detected in the early stages of the lifecycle so that there is no rework by the development and testing team
  • Business rules were tested within the timeframe to ensure the quality and avoid production issues


By successfully offering vehicle features and highlights to their customers, the client differentiated themselves from industry competition and stood ahead. XTIVIA’s rigorous testing and standardization helped to assure this solution would be airtight and long-term. The XTIVIA testing team delivered with a high standard of quality.

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