Informatica Data Governance Implementation for Financial Services Company


Our client is a financial services company headquartered in Georgia, US providing banking, investment, and mortgage services primarily in the Southeastern US. Founded in 1888, the bank grew through acquisitions.


Our client did not have expertise in implementing the Informatica Data Governance tools (Enterprise Data Catalog, Axon, and Data Privacy Management). They engaged XTIVIA to provide them with consulting services in this area.

Technical Solution

XTIVIA consultants assisted the client with the following:

  • Provided an overview of Informatica EDC, Axon, and DPM
  • Mentored client’s personnel on integrating EDC and DPM
  • Assisted with implementing glossary in Axon
  • Configured connectivity to different data sources in EDC and scanned source systems to gather the metadata
  • Governed the critical data elements using EDC, Axon, and DPM
  • Mentored the client on different facets within Axon
  • Correlated the Glossary definitions with technical metadata
  • Configured DataStage and other tools and scanned them for Lineage
  • Helped the client with flagging attributes as PII
  • Mentored the client on Axon administration
  • Created required dashboards in Axon


XTIVIA’s consultant provided:

  • The client gained substantial knowledge on Informatica Data Governance implementation
  • Reduced dependency on external resources
  • Availability of self-service data discovery capabilities to end users
  • Data enriched with a wealth of metadata
  • Operationalization of Data Governance policies
  • Regulatory compliance automated (automatic tracking of PII)

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