Our customer Sun Country Airlines is recognized for the top notch service provided to passengers by being ranked in the Top Ten Domestic Airlines lists by Travel and Leisure for five years in a row, and Condé Nast Travelers three years in a row. SCA needed IT expertise to migrate data from an older platform to a state-of-the-art new ERP platform that would seamlessly help drive operations. They also needed a trusted partner to guide them in learning and understanding the best practices associated with efficient and effective data migration and also keeping data in sync between the old and new.


Sun Country Airlines (SCA) had five main needs; a recommendation for the ’best fit’ legacy data sourcing, a best practices data architecture, a best practices based implementation of data migration workflows, a best practices based data synchronization/replication workflow and an efficient and fault tolerant data migration technique.

“XTIVIA, Our trusted partner for data needs, jumped in at a critical juncture of a mission critical data migration project. With their help we were able to deliver on-time, successfully.”Daphne Riordan,
Lead Data Architect, Sun Country Airlines


XTIVIA analyzed the requirements and a mutually agreed upon data architecture was defined as follows: The project team chose talend* Open Studio for ETL and data migration. XTIVIA resources quickly put together prototype workflow jobs, to attain common understanding. Each data flow was discussed and best practices principles were applied. The team integrated historical and current data in support of data consistency. Jobs were deployed, including ETL and data synchronization/replication. The team framed benefits and risk reviews for both the executive and technical perspectives. A transition plan was created for business critical processes moving forward, including future recommendations with risk review and follow-up actions, as well as a timeline targeting specific milestones.


XTIVIA delivered smooth and on time migration of legacy data. SCA’s risks were analyzed thoroughly and the best solution options were chosen. The mechanism to implement data synchronization was implemented. Team resources were properly aligned to business objectives. The job was completed at a fraction of the cost typically incurred with high cost ETL tools, as SCA did not have to incur any costs for software. The completed project finished on time and under budget.


Faced with the daunting challenge of deploying a multi-faceted data migration strategy to have the utmost positive impact for their new ERP platform, the client called in XTIVIA to unravel the details, to assess the legacy data and integration issues, and to build a manageable timeline that mapped out the mission critical milestones — all informed by industry best practices. As expert process partners in this endeavor, XTIVIA not only defined the data flow architecture using talend* Open Studio (Community Edition), XTIVIA also built the sub-system required for migration and synchronization of data. Being aware that all plans must be dynamic and responsive, XTIVIA also provided senior resources, as needed, within a very short period of time which lead to a successful conclusion of the project that was delivered on-time and under budget. In addition to this, XTIVIA provided standards and best practices for transformation processing, performance requirements and data quality. Knowing that data is not useful unless it is current, usable,and reportable, XTIVIA partnered with the client on the data migration.



Windows® Server talend* Open Studio (Community Edition)

SQL Server® 2008

Informix® 7.x and 11.x


Two Senior ETL Architects


10 week engagement

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