Migration to Guidewire Dobson Cloud for a Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fund


State Worker’s Compensation was established 1991 as a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund to provide appropriate and affordable workers’ compensation plans. State worker’s compensation now insures 70,000 businesses, covering 1.5 million workers for 43% of their market. With a focus on loss prevention, effective claims management, and return-to-work programs, our client is ensuring the stability and reliability of their state citizens, earning an AM Best rating of “A.”


Our client needed to reduce the technical debt in the organization, modernize its application landscape, and consolidate applications to streamline resources, remove redundant functionalities, reduce complexity, and allow better utilization of computing resources. They wanted to replace legacy systems and migrate locally managed resources where appropriate. The idea is to eliminate dependency on any given application by creating a more agile and manageable network of applications as well as offering a quicker time to market on new IT initiatives.

Technical Solution

Our client wanted to replace legacy systems and modernize its application landscape, which included upgrading Guidewire to the Guidewire Dobson Cloud version. XTIVIA supported them with various tasks during the migration, which included.


  • Participate in business and functional requirements review to design and formulate technical specifications based on features required in Guidewire Dobson.
  • Analyzed and Implemented requirements using either Guidewire Out-of-the-Box solutions or providing custom solutions.
  • Estimated the development effort for both Configuration and Integration.
  • Design Guidewire configurations and customizations per requirements using GOSU – Guidewire scripting language.
  • Implement Guidewire Integration plugins for facilitating data exchange with vendor partners and internal systems.
  • Perform defect triage and defect fixes during System Testing, End-to-End Testing, and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Ensure non-functional, security, regulatory, and compliance requirements are met for all development and enhancement activities.
  • Prototype and Implement system enhancement to resolve complex business and technical challenges.

Design and develop several MuleSoft APIs to integrate Guidewire Dobson ( Claim Center) to on-prem legacy systems iSeries DB2 and Tibco Webservices.

  • Design RAML specifications and Developed APIs
  • Unit Testing of API through MUnit test suites.
  • Deployed APIs using the Azure DevOps pipelines.

Migrating to the Guidewire Dobson version required integration with various processes and verifying/validating downstream processes to ensure no impact on the business. XTIVIA assisted with the following:

  1. Converted existing calls from Guidewire to Guidewire Dobson by regenerating client code from WSDL
    1. Created a branch and regenerated client code in TMO DataServices with Cloud WSDL
    2. Build, Deploy and Perform Unit Testing
    3. Assisted the Infrastructure Management and DevOps team with certificate installations on WebSphere
    4. Regression testing of TMO DataService API endpoints
  2. Remediated PolicyAPI to align with client SLAs
  3. Use Labeling to reduce the size of the payload by only returning the data fields that are consumed by TMO.
    1. The policy center will only return data elements that have labels assigned to them.
    2. Fields without labels are not returned.
    3. Refactor/ Reduce response payload size.
    4. Using Query API to limit the amount of data returned from Policycenter.

Support Guidewire Dobson’s go-live efforts.

  1. Ensured that TMO Payments, TMO Dividends, TIBCO Payment service, and the relevant MuleSoft APIs were running.
  2. Ensured customers were able to make payments.
  3. Provided Level-2 Support(Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and hotfixes).

Training and certifying an XTIVIA resource on Guidewire Dobson functionality to ensure we were able to support our client efficiently and effectively.

  1. ClaimCenter Guidewire Specialist
  2. PolicyCenter Guidewire Specialist
  3. Integration Suite Guidewire Specialist

Integration Suite Guidewire Specialist Supported Legacy Guidewire and provided technical guidance/knowledge transfer to several TMI associates.


Verification and validation of downstream processes and testing to ensure all functionality required to support the current and future business allow our client to migrate seamlessly to Guidewire Dobson Cloud with little to no impact.

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