Data Governance Operationalization


Our client has over 25 solutions and services that support more than 90,000 faith-based organizations throughout North America. They provide technology for church administration, worship planning, accounting, and financials. Our client’s mission is to empower churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations with leading technology solutions so that they can succeed in their mission to serve others and their communities.


Our client did not have expertise in managing the data with governance controls in place. The field operational data was sent to the central home office in different formats with data quality issues (duplicates, incomplete data, invalid data, etc.). They needed third-party assistance in securely handling the PII data to meet compliance needs. Our client embarked on a mission to track the data quality of critical data elements and protect the PII data across all data sources. The requirement was to quickly operationalize the data governance and demonstrate quick wins to the executive management with limited effort.

Technical Solution

XTIVIA proposed a “lightweight” data governance implementation focusing on tracking and improving the quality of critical data elements while establishing data ownership and stewardship processes, roles, and responsibilities for each subject area. This “nimble” approach met our client’s need of demonstrating the value of Data Governance quickly without large transformational efforts. The goal was to provide a foundation for data governance and mentor key resources from the client’s organization so that they could enhance further in an agile fashion.

XTIVIA collaborated with client’s SMEs and…

  • Properly connected SSRS reporting environment
  • Identified Data Owners and stewards for each subject area
  • Identified 50 CDEs (critical data elements) to govern across subject areas
  • Agreed on a Data Stewardship process for Data Quality and Security
  • Agreed on a Data Quality Tracking process covering Completeness, Validity, and Accuracy for the CDEs
  • Implemented the Data Quality Tracking process for CDEs using SQL
  • Mentored Data Owners and Data Stewards on their roles, responsibilities, and processes
  • Assisted with implementing Azure Purview Data Governance
  • Delivered Subject Area – Data Owner – Data Steward matrix, RACI matrix, CDE-DQ Rules matrix, Data Governance Policies, Data Security and Compliance Checklist, Data Profiling Scheduled Process, Data Quality Scorecard, and Azure Purview PoC


Our client realized the following benefits from XTIVIA’s implementation of “lightweight” Data Governance.

  • Establishment of Data Governance foundational capabilities
  • Improved knowledge of Data Governance and its value within the organization
  • Availability of Data Quality Scorecard for Data Stewards to prioritize and take actions to improve data quality
  • Improved awareness of the PII information in different data sources and how to handle PII data for compliance
  • Improved knowledge of Azure Purview for organization-wide implementation


Data Governance, Data Quality, Regulatory Compliance


SQL Server, T-SQL, Azure Purview


Azure, SQL Server

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