Real estate services company: 

digital transformation and integration modeling


The client is a Real Estate service company with more than 2,700 locations throughout the U.S. and operations in more than 80 countries, serving home buyers, home sellers, brokers, lenders, and agents alike as customers. They offer a wide variety of homeownership services, including Residential and Commercial Title Insurance, Escrow and Settlement Services, Lender services, Under writing, Legal services as well as Personal and Commercial Insurance.


The client saw significant changes in the Financial and Lending industry during the last decade regarding Customer Digital interactions to simplify decision making and providing operational reliability. They recognized their need to undergo a Digital Transformation to cleanly couple Partner Management, streamline integration services, and overall data management from persistence to the presentation.

They sought a partner with deep data management experience to define integration and data access strategy such that they could build reliable services with the legacy solution assets, with the plan of transitioning data over time.

  • The client’s Title Production Systems (TPS) — like AIM+ and ResWare — were integrated via point to point. Any changes to the TPS systems forced the client to change all the applications integrated with TPS.
  • The Patriot Search functionality was mostly manual, which impacted the Order processing time.
  • Managing Partners and their connectivity was a major challenge.
  • There is redundancy in the functionality of the services. Services were built in the team silos. Managing them on their updates at the enterprise level was a tedious task. On these grounds, the client was looking for an Enterprise Service Catalog.
  • The most frequently used data was only present in the database, resulting in poor user experience.


XTIVIA designed an integration strategy to interact with internal applications and external partners (i.e. A2A and B2B). With our SoftwareAG webMethods expertise, we delivered the Integration models for various use cases and implemented designs for several frameworks like Logging, Exception Handling, Notification, and Caching.

For managing and monitoring transactions with external partners, we proposed a design that included the Trading Networks tool. The inclusion of this tool in the design was a big asset in the B2B space. The customer is now able to analyze B2B transactions along with the built-in reporting capabilities of Trading Networks. This design accommodates rules-driven document processing.

XTIVIA delivered a strategic solution for making Enterprise-specific services available on the Service Bus. We created a Service Catalog and API portal, exposing available services as an API for consumption by the other applications. Now, any team looking for an existing Service can look through the catalog and use it right away. If the service does not exist, the request for a new Service is made and the Service lifecycle process is initiated.

  • XTIVIA designed the business models in webMethods Insight for monitoring service level transactions from a Business User perspective.
  • XTIVIA also proposed the usage of the Terracotta In-Memory Database tool, for faster data retrieval from memory, rather than making a long trip to the database. Frequently used data — like the office list — were pushed into the memory, improving the user experience tenfold.

Business Result

Our client was able to enter the mid-tier market by having the API plugin in the Encompass portal. They now have a centralized team to handle the lifecycle of enterprise-level services, which removes the redundancy of services functionality. And, all partner contracts, certificates, and processing rules are centrally managed and partner onboarding process is faster and much more efficient.

The Client’s Architecture Before XTIVIA’s Solution

Before XTIVIA’s involvement, the client’s architecture was inundated with point-to-point integrations, making any alteration to the system complicated and time-consuming. Additionally, various redundancies and islands of automation, which not only hindered functionality but made system updates and maintaining partner connectivity very difficult.

The Client’s Architecture After XTIVIA’s Solution

The solution XTIVIA designed for our client encompassed internal connectivity and total B2B functionality. After implementing an integration strategy to interact with internal applications and external partners, tools like SoftwareAG, Trading Networks, and Terracotta allowed us to reinvent the client’s IT infrastructure. Their system can now handle enterprise-level functionality and streamlines partner connectivity for enhanced efficiency.

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