Simplifying Healthcare Revenue Management with Databricks


XTIVIA’s client is a healthcare revenue management software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. They offer end-to-end revenue management solutions that adapt to healthcare professionals, freeing providers and payers from complexity and inefficiency. Our client provides an end-to-end software platform that helps healthcare organizations increase revenue, reduce cost, expand cash collections, and ensure regulatory compliance across the entire revenue cycle continuum.


Our client needed to modernize its environment since their current Hadoop ecosystem became unscalable, extremely complicated, and fragmented. Their current processes were error-prone, poorly documented, and dependent on individuals. They wanted a solution that could easily integrate with that product and scale and effectively support analytics, machine learning, and AI.

Technical Solution

XTIVIA collaborated with the client to simplify data integration for the modern data stack with Databricks. We enable powerful data movement from raw data to real-world analytics, BI, and AI on an intelligence data platform. We finally provided a data pipeline design that includes incremental data ingestion from its data sources through sanity checks, cleanup, standardization, integration, and storage. XTIVIA also implemented workflows to consolidate all the required data to support the data mining needs for all lines of business, including commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid, and ensure that the process would quickly scale for future business needs.


Our client realized the following benefits from the above migration effort:

  • The ability to process data faster and build continuous delivery data pipelines.
  • We made building a model that delivers a better user experience easier.
  • Scalable analytics platform that saves costs by reducing dependency and enabling the sharing of best practices.
  • XTIVIA supported the post-production environment. Therefore, the client was able to engage their internal resources in more strategic initiatives.

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