Our client was established by their state legislature in 1991 as a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund to provide appropriate and affordable workers’ compensation plans. State Workers Compensation now insures 70,000 businesses, covering 1.5 million workers for 43% of their market. With a focus in loss prevention, effective claims management, and return-to-work programs our client is ensuring stability and reliability of their state citizens, earning an AM Best rating of “A”.


In 2014, State Workers Compensation was constricted in enhancing business operations through their 20+ year old AS400. It had been very difficult to recruit and build a technical competency as the insurance industry was shifting to Service Oriented Architecture and Commercial- of-the-Shelf (COTS) products. Guidewire InsuranceSuite was emerging as the premier end-to-end insurance solution including underwriting, policy, claims, and billing management.

To meet their business objectives of affordable and reliable insurance products, State Workers Compensation selected Guidewire to modernize their insurance provisioning platform to deliver its out-of-the-box services.

  • Guidewire Claims Center was to enable end-to-end claims lifecycle management, including: Intuitive loss-report intake, Advanced adjudication processes, Integrated operational reporting.
  • Policy Center would become the complete system of record, supporting policy lifecycle functions, including product definition, underwriting, quoting, binding, endorsements, and renewals.
  • Billing Management would relieve PCI and PII regulation pressure with third-party payment services, integrating naturally to the Policy Center for accurate billing and policy accounting.

State Workers Compensation needed an experienced partner in both Enterprise Application Integration and insurance to assist them in their new Guidewire InsuranceSuite adoption. As State Workers Compensation intended to stay independent of product customization, it was critical that their partner establish an integration pattern to leverage existing customer touchpoints, third-party services, and legacy systems. XTIVIA was selected to assist State Workers Compensation in the Integration Strategy, product configuration, conversion of legacy data, and integration across downstream systems.

XTIVIA was selected for our deep Enterprise Application Integration architecture experience, Enterprise Service Business development leadership, and knowledge of insurance processes and business models.


XTIVIA collaborated with our client and Guideware specialists to establish an ESB integration pattern with TIBCO BusinessWorks to manage real-time and batch information flows between platforms. The business rules captured established Service definitions and event triggers to orchestra the overall Guidewire solution.

The solution included the full spectrum of Insurance Life-Cycle states from quoting, underwriting, binding, uploading, enforcement, endorsement, suspension, renewals, rewrites, and cancelations to trigger services to consume and publish data services both internal and external to State Workers Compensation.

XTIVIA performed the configuration, development, and integration of Claim, Policy, and Billing Centers. This effort included:

  • New User Experience design and development for Account Representatives and Claims Personnel
  • Migration and Conversions of active and historical Claims and Policy data
  • Disabled Existing Line-of-Business services for Auto and Commercial as Guidewire came on-line
  • Business Rule Development when customer services were warranted
  • New Integration for Downstreams Systems to consume Guidewire services

In 2018, State Workers Compensation sought to modernize their Integration Platform and adopted the MuleSoft Anypoint Cloud platform. They called XTIVIA to be their partner as both the subject-matter experts on their business and Guidewire-centric platform but also for XTIVIA’s extensive MuleSoft Integration capabilities. XTIVIA defined State Workers Compensations new API strategy and began a transition from TIBCO to MuleSoft services with a cutover strategy that allowed services to be phased in and phased out without interruptions in the business or outages for migrations.


A fully web-based integrated platform was released over a three-year period with Claims Center 7, Policy Center 8 and Billing Center 8. The solution retired the legacy AS400 system migrating 70,000 accounts with 1.5 million covered associates. Likewise, 500,000 historical claims over the previous 30 years were migrated to ensure continuity of knowledge for the
State Workers Compensation accounts. The new platform reduce annual maintenance expenses and exceeded customer and agency experience.

The lasting value for State Workers Compensation is that XTIVIA provided a technology conversion roadmap for the breadth of insurance services for all Guidewire platforms and internal business solutions.

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