Liferay Search Using Apache Solr Webinar

This webinar covers configuration and utilization of Apache Solr as an enterprise search plugin for Liferay Portal 6.1. Solr is an enterprise search application providing centralization and scaling for search functionality in the Liferay Portal application; implementation of Solr as a search handler in Liferay provides advanced search configuration capabilities required by Liferay Portal in a high availability/clustered environment; additionally, the implementation of Solr can simplify some aspects of development work, particularly when it comes to customization of search execution.

This webinar is geared towards technically oriented individuals with basic familiarity with Liferay Portal and application servers, who are interested in optimizing search capabilities in clustered/non-clustered Liferay Portal installations.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Quick Summary of Solr search server
  • Liferay Search overview
  • Explanation of Liferay integration with Solr
  • Solr installation and configuration
  • Liferay configuration for Solr integration in a HA environment
  • Overview of Solr tools for managing search collections
  • Example of configuring faceted search with Solr

The presenter, Keith O’Connell, is an Enterprise and Portal Solutions Architect at Xtivia, Inc. Keith has over 15 years of experience working with enterprise web application environments, and has been responsible for implementations of several large-scale environments using technologies including Jboss AS, Tomcat AS, WebSphere AS, Liferay Portal, and IBM WebSphere Portal.

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