SQL Server Disaster Recovery Webinar

SQL Server Disaster Recovery Webinar

Presented by
Chris Shaw

What is the Best Disaster Recovery Solution for your SQL Server?

It depends, every situation is different. The question is often asked of DBA’s to provide a solution to very open-ended requirements.

However, the best solution can only be provided if the database professional is getting all the answers to some critical questions.

This webinar is a study into many of Disaster Recovery options that SQL Server provides. Understand the answers to the critical questions that we should be asked to provide the best solution, not only for the database, but for the business as well. As an attendee you will learn how to change an answer from “it depends” into a solid solution that can be built upon.

Chris Shaw started his database career in 1993 as a US Marine. Following the Marines Chris continued working with databases for companies such as Wells Fargo, Pulte Mortgage and Yellow Pages Inc. He later consulted with insurance companies including Anthem Blue Shield, United States Missile Defense and Admini Quest. Chris has been writing and speaking about SQL Servers for over 15 years at events such as SQL Connections, Pass and SSWUG Ultimate conferences. A contributing author on 3 books, Chris received his 5th consecutive Microsoft MVP award in April of 2013.

Follow Chris on Twitter at @SQLShaw.

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