Microsoft Dynamics 365

The CRM solution from your trusted software partner, Microsoft–

with integration from your trusted delivery partner, XTIVIA.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Your Business

Imagine a suite of simple and accessible business solutions tailored to your market, designed for your business size, and dedicated to growing your revenue through happy customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 — CRM gives a full range of software focused on business insights that matter to you and your clientele.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features for Sales & Marketing

Sales Sales by Microsoft Dynamics provides a complete and intuitive solution that can help salespeople be more productive so they can focus on what’s most important—delivering amazing customer experiences. Familiar, intuitive solutions, like immersive Excel, embedded OneNote, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook, can help you increase productivity. Improve execution by guiding sales reps toward desired outcomes with contextual recommended next steps. Gain visibility into past and planned customer interactions and activities across marketing, sales, and service. Insights Deepen customer relationships with relevance. Win faster by using social to identify and act on buying signals, and automatically create sales leads and opportunities based on social posts, using Microsoft Social Engagement. Increase response rates by reaching out to new contacts through mutual connections, and zero in on the right customers with the right message using accurate, real-time company and contact data, news, and events from Insights, powered by InsideView.

Mobile Sales

Access your sales office—wherever, whenever.

Make every second count, and help increase productivity by enabling sales reps to work seamlessly across tablets and phones, guided by business process. Quickly manage your data using intuitive natural language voice commands to create new records, schedule meetings, set reminders, and find information. Work anywhere, anytime with an intuitive, familiar solution that provides seamless support offline and online.

Planning and Management

Lead your sales teams with confidence.

Gain strategic advantage with real-time customer and competitive intelligence. Enhance visibility and enable better decision-making with sales reports, interactive charts, and dashboards. Drive toward desired outcomes with real-time, contextual guidance to align sales behavior with best practices.


We offer a full range of Microsoft Dynamics consulting services, working with businesses ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises. As a leader in the CRM software industry, we are proud to provide our clients with experience that is as broad as it is deep—including a deep expertise in popular platforms and associated technologies. Whether you need enterprise architectural guidance, end-to-end CRM project implementation services or something in between, our team of certified CRM professionals can help.

Consulting/Implementation Services

While it’s important to choose CRM software that aligns with your business goals, it’s even more critical to employ the right CRM implementation partner. XTIVIA takes great pride in our proven implementation methodology for CRM—pride that is reflected in our outstanding customer satisfaction record.

Our certified Microsoft Dynamics consultants will work closely with your team to design, optimize, and deliver the solution which best meets the needs of your users and your business. Our deep experience enables us to manage proactively rather than reactively—saving time and money, so you can enjoy the greatest possible return on investment. Let us add you to our growing list of success stories. Our Microsoft Dynamics consulting and implementation services include:

  • Business process analysis
  • Workflow optimization
  • System planning and design
  • Project management
  • System configuration
  • Detailed data modeling
  • Application development

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Services

The term “systems integration” can elicit a negative reaction from IT and business professionals, and with good reason—most systems integration projects fail to deliver on their promises. They are often delivered late and beyond budget…if they are ever delivered at all.

At XTIVIA, we understand this critical challenge and have spent years developing a solution. Our proven integration process helps to minimize the risks that jeopardize many similar projects—while maximizing the value obtained from a unified view of information. Whether you want to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics data with a well-known ERP system or a legacy MRP system running on a database platform nobody has ever heard of, XTIVIA has the tools, knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Microsoft Dynamics Training Overview

Implementing any new system can be challenging—and XTIVIA wants you to be able to use your new Microsoft Dynamics system to its full potential. From end-user Microsoft Dynamics training to Microsoft Dynamics administrator training, we provide an on-site training facility with custom training courses for your specific implementation. Our facility provides seating for up to fifteen users, state-of-the-art equipment, and with hands-on guidance from our Microsoft Dynamics professionals. XTIVIA’s Microsoft Dynamics training covers the following areas:

  • Microsoft Dynamics systems training
  • End-user training
  • Administrative training

Microsoft Dynamics Systems Training: Training plays a key role in the implementation of any Microsoft Dynamics system. Effective end-user and administrative training helps achieve the highest levels of end-user satisfaction and IT self-reliance.

End-user Training: XTIVIA will design an end-user training plan that makes effective use of your staff time and provides a comprehensive and customized experience for your users. Choose from full-day classroom training or multiple one-day classroom sessions to be delivered on-site at your offices, or at our St. Louis facility. We also offer online refresher and advanced courses, as we firmly believe that ongoing training ensures that you continue to maximize your software investment for years to come.

Administrative Training: XTIVIA offers Microsoft Dynamics administrative training in a classroom environment at your location. We also offer quarterly administrative classes held in our St. Louis training facility for customers wishing to send new Microsoft Dynamics administrators through training.

CRM Support

Prompt and accurate support is critical to the long-term success of any system. When your system has a problem, you need it fixed now—you don’t want to wait an hour to be connected to a technician who knows less than you do.

XTIVIA understands your support needs, and offers the most responsive and flexible support options available. Our friendly support representatives provide assistance via telephone, e-mail, web portal and real-time remote desktop environment. Our team will get to know you, your system and your staff so when you contact us for assistance, you will be connected with a person you know and trust.

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