Enterprise Information Management

Data is one thing.
Insight is another.

See it all through one lens,
no matter how diverse the data.
Capturing the Power of Information.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is a cumulative discipline for governing information across an organization to improve efficiency, promote transparency, and enable business insight.


The business process is the lifeline of any successful business. In most cases, a business process can provide a competitive edge as a result of its robust operational efficiency, ease of use, high visibility and agility. To extend the lifeline. XTIVIA leverages tools and technologies to focus on delivering business value. Identifying a process improvement and delivering a quantifiable result is the key to initial success. Subsequently adding more phases/projects and using the expertise learned from the initial process improvement is key to building a BPM program. XTIVIA's Workflow Framework (XWF) a framework for automating business process and workflows and for implementing user-friendly interfaces for executing and managing the processes, enables business users to expedite the implementation of overall workflow project in a fraction of the time. This results in increasing their time savings and focus on their core business rather than on making fragmented process work.


Event enabling your business systems gives you the ability to respond to business events in real-time and provides real-time visibility into all business processes. Complex Events Processing (CEP) correlates events and provides real-time insights into your business on your existing platform and systems. Having a CEP setup means less “post-mortem” analysis of data. XTIVIA can event-enable legacy technology based business systems as well as implement newer solutions that align with the Event Enterprise vision. Enabling you to deliver real-time intelligence faster to your business is our priority.


Enterprise Data is the most critical asset of an organization and is most often overlooked and managed in silos resulting in poor data quality, data security, and compliance issues. When governed and managed right, Data Governance helps business users speak the same language, interpret the data consistently, and secure the data appropriately resulting in higher profits, higher compliance, and lower risk. Despite the Enterprise-wide benefits, most organizations hit a roadblock when it comes to getting such initiatives funded, evangelizing and getting a buy-in across the entire organization. XTIVIA’s Experts in Data Governance help organizations get past these roadblocks and establish Data Governance Practice and operate the Data Governance Office that instills the Data Quality, Data Security, and Compliance across the life-cycle of data – cradle to grave.


A successful master data management (MDM) program is more than a tool implementation. Ensuring proper Data Governance in place must come before the tool selection. Similar to Data Governance, MDM must be owned by business and initiatives are owned by several business units. The success of MDM initiative depends on the level of collaboration amongst several business units and a keeping the stakeholder involved in the entire process. Whether small or large data sets, XTIVIA’s expert data engineers can create a common structure that allows universal searchability, indexing, and fast retrieval. With smart automation, this means you get a solution that’s truly end-to-end.

Instead of burdened by data, you’ll be agile—
and that’s just the beginning of what XTIVIA can do for you.




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Our Approach
XTIVIA researches a business’s differing components, then creates a common data structure—allowing data from many different sources to be searched, managed, and clearly understood. By creating a unified management plan, XTIVIA allows your business to generalize its data management (removing the need for expensive specialists), as well as analyze data from a clear and unified perspective, rather than having to patch together results from many different sources. This means that in the end, you get to save thousands of hours, dollars, and headaches, by having a clean data structure.