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API Management and Gateway Webinar Series Presentation Cover
API Gateway & Management Solution

The objective of this series is to provide an overview of API Gateway and the various types of API Management Solutions being requested by XTIVIA clients.

XTIVIA Webinar Pivot Series 1
Rethink Business with Microsoft and XTIVIA

Gain value from this multi-part webinar series featuring panels of XTIVIA in-house experts to discuss key considerations, benefits, features, and practicalities around business and technical goals using Microsoft products.

Live Session The Evolution of Salesforce Presentation Cover
The Evolution of Salesforce

Join CRM experts Zach Bodine & Mike Ahrenhoersterbaeumer to go back in time and look at how Salesforce has evolved over the years to become the robust product it is today!

XTIVIA Webinar Supporting 21st Century Cures Act for Healthcare Interoperability using MuleSoft
Supporting 21st Century Cure Act for HealthCare Interoperability using MuleSoft

In this webinar, XTIVIA’s technical architects will explore how to design a patient-centered system using MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare for FHIR compliance and healthcare interoperability.

XTIVIA Webinar
Project Accounting and Professional Services for Government Contractors

Join our webinar, “Project Accounting and Professional Services for Government Contractors,” to see a presentation of the vast potential of GovCon365’s Microsoft Dynamics for Government Contractors. Our team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts will cover several topics…

ETL Testing Webinar
ETL Testing

ETL testing is a critical part of data validation, and without the right protocols, your business may be suffering the pitfalls of dirty data and missing out on vital business insights. In this webinar from XTIVIA, our ETL specialists will run through the basics of ETL testing and highlight some best practices for getting the data verification your business needs.

XTIVIA Webinar SoftwareAG API webMethods Demo
Software AG Webinar & webMethods Demo
Software AG is a leader in integrations and API management, with a dedication to creating business value with APIs. Join XTIVIA’s API experts as they leverage Software AG’s Webmethods portal to create custom solutions and view our product demo. During this session you’ll learn about the world of APIs, the API Lifecycle, self-service API Marketplace, secure standards-based gateway, and managing API access to microservices.
The Cares Act PPP and Government Contractor
GovCon365 | The CARES Act, the PPP and the Government Contractor
In this month’s GovCon365 webinar, “Key Priorities for Sales and Business As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate across the country, businesses have vested interest in the evolving state of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). For government contractors, there are certain stipulations — like Section 3610 of the CARES Act — affecting how they’ll conduct business in the time of COVID-19.
Improving Customer Retention in Salesforce Meeting Tracker
Improving Customer Retention in Salesforce with Meeting Tracker
Salesforce with Meeting Tracker can help improve customer retention in a number of ways:
  • Management can create clear easy to follow objectives
  • You and your team members are able to track that these objectives are being met
  • Account Managers are held accountable for achieving these objectives
Robotic Process Automation Webinar
Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation is an application of technology to create software programs called Robots to automate any business process. The world is moving towards Robotic Process Automation and is being applied in all the areas giving it an important place in achieving Digital transformation. In this webinar from XTIVIA, our RPA specialists will run through the basics of RPA and highlight the benefits, application areas and best practices of RPA to achieve your business needs.
Epicor and Salesforce Integration
EPICOR and Salesforce Integration – Demo

Integrating your Epicor ERP System with Salesforce’s CRM allows you to bring in your Accounts, Contacts, Orders, Invoices and other Transactional data into Salesforce and vice versa. Join us to learn more about EPICOR & Salesforce integration and view our demo!

XTIVIA Webinar Key Priorities for Sales and Business Development Professionals
Key Priorities for Sales and Business Development Professionals

What’s one of the most pressing issues facing sales and Business Development professionals in today’s business climate? Business priorities have changed and finding the right area to focus on is throwing sales teams in a whirlwind.

XTIVIA MuleSoft Webinar Series
MuleSoft Webinar Series

Learn the ins and outs of MuleSoft’s powerful capabilities from XTIVIA’s MuleSoft-Certified Experts

Microsoft Webinar Sharepoint
Microsoft Webinar | A Look at SharePoint

An introduction to Microsoft SharePoint and how it drives information access to propel your business through everyday challenges.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Business Benefits
  • SharePoint Online Workflow EOS Considerations

Join our webinar and learn what SharePoint can do for your business!

XTIVIA Webinar Pivot Series 1
B2B Pivot Series

Disruption amplifies and surfaces what was already happening in your business. As a result, it can create the opportunities for innovation–when you know how to harvest them. XTIVIA’s Lead Digital Strategist, Lynn Scheurell, walks you through a 5-part series that explores how to thrive through disruption by leveraging self-reinvention and actualizing your digital transformation strategy with methodical strategies and practical tools–starting now.

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