Azure Panel Discussion | BONUS Setup/Configure Virtual Desktop Services

With Azure we will cover:

  • Setting up Windows Virtual Desktop as the end goal
  • How to Setup and Configure Azure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Create a tenant in Windows VDI
  • Create service principals and role assignments via PowerShell
  • Create host pool
  • Manage app groups for Windows VDI
GovCon | Dynamics365 – Manufacturing Solutions for Government Contractors

This webinar will demonstrate and discuss features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for Government Contractors who manufacture products and provide services to the US Federal Government. If your company is outgrowing its existing software solution, or you’re running multiple systems to support your Government Contracting business, come see why Microsoft Dynamics has become the primary tool for Compliance, Project Accounting, Manufacturing and Financial Management requirements in Government Contracting.

Power BI | Staying in Business Today Requires Knowing your Customer

Microsoft Power BI gives businesses the insight to make critical decisions and engage with customers in a more meaningful way. In today’s “new normal,” the need for industry forecasting, reporting, and overall data visualization is paramount for delivering the products and services your customers need.

In this installation of Rethink Your Business with Microsoft and XTIVIA webinar, our BI and Analytics Team is sharing their knowledge around the features and benefits that make Power BI a premiere tool for any business. Data processing, self-service analytics, and time-saving automation are just a few ways your business can actualize its data to make smarter business decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics | Sales & Marketing Webinar

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales offers a robust range of features that open the door to superior business insight. By unifying customer data, Dynamics 365 for Sales creates a single source of truth to provide the type of collaboration and communication needed to meet customer demands.

In this week’s Rethink Your Business with Microsoft and XTIVIA webinar, our team of in-house CRM specialists will highlight the key features and benefits of Dynamics 365 for Sales that make it a leader in CRM technology.

Microsoft | Licensing

Having the right licensing is an essential part of matching your technical environment with your user landscape, and we’d love to help you get there. In this week’s “Rethink Your Business with Microsoft and XTIVIA” webinar, we’ll be covering the end-to-end options for Microsoft licensing. XTIVIA’s Microsoft experts will highlight everything you need for cost-effective software license renewals, compliance, and other best-practices, including GovCon solutions.

Whether your Microsoft tools are licensed on-premise or in the cloud, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of Microsoft product licensing from Office 365 and Business Central to SQL Server, Azure, and Power BI.

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