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Management systems for every client.

No matter your needs or size,
XTIVIA delivers a result that fits.

CRM Consulting Solutions from XTIVIA

Salesforce Consulting
XTIVIA offers Salesforce implementation that’s tailored to your needs. We benefit companies both small and large with a full spectrum of Salesforce tools, tailored to their exact needs as an organization. And we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.
Microsoft Dynamics Consulting
XTIVIA is proud to offer this proven CRM solution by Microsoft. If you already operate with Microsoft software, you’ll feel right at home with Dynamics CRM. With over 40 languages available, global searching, and cloud-based architecture, it’s hard to find a more enterprise-ready solution.
Infor CRM Consulting
XTIVIA brings CRM into the modern world using Infor CRM, a cloud-based, no-mobile-install platform available in 8 international languages.
SugarCRM Consulting
The cross-platform server compatibility of SugarCRM and its wide choice of database backends means that with SugarCRM, your new CRM will integrate seamlessly with your existing architecture.

You don’t have to do it alone—
XTIVIA is your CRM development partner.

Give your sales team the agility to capture more leads. Build lasting relationships with your customers, even after a sale. Get clear reports on what trends are developing… and act on them.

How to Get More From Your CRM?

XTIVIA has been involved in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) since 1992. We know, however, that CRM software alone cannot improve your company’s relationship with its customers. To optimize your management of these important relationships, and truly provide a great customer experience, you must customize and integrate your CRM system to the unique needs of your business.

Your Customers.

Customer Relationship Management, when integrated and updated to your unique needs, gives you an edge that your customers will appreciate: agility
Sales won’t only be more numerous; they’ll be faster, smarter, and ultimately, save everyone time and money.

Don’t keep your customers waiting for a better experience.

CRM Consulting Services

XTIVIA has worked tirelessly for 25 years to bring clients unparalleled service in the IT industry. If there's one thing we know, it's that two companies are never the same. When the relationship comes first, you get an ally, not just a consultant. 


XTIVIA creates custom strategies, frameworks, and digital experiences for clients in a multitude of industries. Since 1992, we’ve created custom solutions and generated real, lasting results for thousands of clients. CRM is one of the many benefits we offer our clients, for whom we care deeply. We believe that your triumph is our triumph.

Better software development, faster application integration, and affordable technical success. Brought to you by XTIVIA.

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