MuleSoft Integration with Version Control Tools Such as TFS and GIT

Are you interested in knowing how to integrate version control tools such as TFS and GIT with Anypoint Studio and the steps required to build and deploy a mule4 project?

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • TFS and GIT Plugins Installation
  • Repository Setup
  • Check-in/Checkout Code to Repository from Anypoint Studio
  • Configuration of Build Process (Ex: with TFS pipeline)
  • Project Deployment with Maven Tool

MuleSoft Runtime Fabric | Overview

Join us for this webinar to understand Mule Runtime Fabric and its architecture and features, as we provide knowledge on the process of Runtime Fabric Installation.

Runtime Fabric is a container service that orchestrates Mule applications and API gateways and automates the deployment.

Mule4 Custom Connectors

A Mule custom connector provides a connection between a Mule flow and an external resource. The resource can be a database, protocol, or API. A connector can be created with the Anypoint Connector DevKit and Anypoint Studio IDE with java. Anypoint Connector DevKit provides the tools and interfaces for building custom connectors. With Connectors wecan access web resources using REST, SOAP, or the Java SDK.

Supporting 21st Century Cures Act for HealthCare Interoperability using MuleSoft

The 21st Century Cures Act for Healthcare is a transformative rule that allows providers, payers, and technology vendors to design their systems to give patients safe and secure access to their digital health data. Since its enactment in 2016, the Act has had a significant impact on healthcare providers’ patient interactions and the overall patient experience. The Act’s most critical achievement is how it’s accelerated innovations and product development in the medical field to service patients in need of the latest in healthcare tech.

In this webinar, XTIVIA’s technical architects will explore how to design a patient-centered system using MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare for FHIR compliance and healthcare interoperability.

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