Our client, Lawn Doctor®, is a leading franchiser in the lawn care industry. They are an industry leader with more than 460 locations in more than 40 states. Lawn Doctor is exploring options to consolidate all of the franchisees’ data and information to generate and compare metrics across all of their operational hierarchies.


The purpose of this BI initiative was to provide a proof of concept model that would standardize how business operations are evaluated at the individual franchisee level as well as at the corporate level. The challenges faced by typical franchised organizations are myriad. For Lawn Doctor, challenges included managing the supply change, as well as how the distribution network functions. Lawn Doctor also needed to monitor incoming call activity as well as response times for franchise consistency and to assess the operations of the organization as a whole. The need for both quality Jaspersoft® reports and dashboards was urgent, and the implementation timeline was even more stringent. It was also important for Lawn Doctor to ensure that the reporting subsystem was built with on-demand software for easier access across geographical boundaries. Lastly, in addition to the functional reports and analytics, the interface had to be customized to match Lawn Doctor’s branding.


XTIVIA developed a proof of concept design that realized the client’s needs in just 120 person hours. XTIVIA worked closely with the client’s executive and IT teams to ensure key milestones were met within the timeline. Through these implementations, the client was able to realize the potential of a properly implemented BI solution. In addition, XTIVIA migrated the entire solution, including the database and Jasper Reports, to Amazon Web Services in order to provide better availability, scalability, and manageability.


Our solutions provided Lawn Doctor with a concept that proved that a BI program could be implemented at the corporate level, giving valuable insight into the existing operations. The agility with which the solution was implemented, also provided valuable insights to Lawn Doctor’s team members on the overall scope and how the scope can be tackled.


Daily reports enable managers to make timely decisions, based on accurate, up-to-date information. Jaspersoft based solution provides information on call wait times, and other inventory oriented data, simplifying replenishment and making it easier to meet consumer demand. The automated reporting process is designed to minimize workload for IT staff and eliminate data quality issues. The availability of the solution in the cloud not only increases the manageability but also results in an elastic solution that can be quickly scaled up to meet the organizational demands. The interface is completely rebranded so that the experience is seamless for the end users. Reports and/or dashboard snapshots can be quickly saved to be shared with other franchisees as needed. SOFTWARE Microsoft® SQL Server® Jaspersoft® Server Amazon Web Services™ SERVICES Senior Jaspersoft Developer TIMEFRAME 120 hours Download the Case Study PDF here

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