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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Liferay DXP

Digital Experiences are everywhere. You’re likely reading this on your tablet or phone and this blog was written on my laptop – digital experiences surround us. I think about this quite a bit, especially when I think about my children. The younger... read more

What Is An API Anyway?

You might be wondering why I am writing an article on “What is an API” when there are many established authorities that have defined an API and done that task well. Instead, I am going to focus on what constitutes an API? And what is the difference between... read more

Honor-based PTO Reflects Corporate Values

I am proud to share that XTIVIA has adopted a new Honor-Based Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy that reflects our core values of innovation, long-term relationships, and passion. Our leaders determined this is a high-impact strategy for attracting and retaining top talent,... read more

What to Know About Digital Marketing Initiatives

As a result of today’s digital business economy, CEOs need to validate and invest in marketing initiatives. That said, the ROI of the big bucket of ‘marketing’ can be fuzzy to measure, people didn’t use to be so digitally-oriented and connected... read more

The Benefits of Liferay for Digital Workplace Development

Digital transformation continues to be one of the hottest trends in the technology press, with authors in CIO, Forbes, and ZDNet offering their predictions for digital transformation in 2019. Not only is digital transformation a much talked-about topic in the press,... read more

Is It Possible to Deliver a Quality Customer Experience Without Technology?

In considering quality customer experience for today’s B2B enterprise success, I like to play devil’s advocate. This gets interesting because I am the CEO of a B2B enterprise tech integration and implementation company. Because I like challenges, here... read more

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