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Partner with a full-service Atlassian shop. We provide support and implementation for –
All Atlassian/Jira products.

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Services, Licensing & Subscription Questions?


Bringing comprehensive Jira product knowledge to aid in the selection, licensing, and implementation of your Jira needs.

Managed Services

Develop a remote solution to help you when needed with certified knowledgeable staff to cover your team with hands-on assistance and support.



Delivering best-practice installation, configuration, and maintenance for your Jira project, no matter the size or complexity.


Cloud Migration

Innovating with marketing-leading cloud solutions. Relocate infrastructure costs and IT resources to strategic business priorities, including accelerated team productivity.


Why partner with RightStar for Atlassian Jira Services?

atlassian rightstar platinum partner
  • Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner
  • Authorized Atlassian Jira products reseller
  • Trusted Jira project delivery
  • Certified strategic experts to serve your business
  • ServiceNow to JSM migrations
  • Relentless focus on our customer projects
  • Remote support across industries
  • Support your employees with adoption
  • Atlassian plugin developer – ScanStar, a barcode scanning solution

As a Platinum Atlassian Partner, we have the certified experts to walk beside you as you up-level your business with Jira.

Atlassian Managed Services

Admin On-Demand is a service offered by XTIVIA based on many years of service with our customers. As a result of the requests and needs of our customers, we developed a remote Atlassian Managed Services solution for your business.
When you need support, you need it right now. Our team is U.S.-based, making it easy and timely to communicate your needs. Our experience spans various industries, ensuring our certified experts can onboard quickly to get you results.

If you can imagine the business outcome, XTIVIA can create it with technology.

    • Focus time and resources on your business while we focus on your ITSM management.
    • Business needs are always evolving and need immediate on-demand support.
    • A dedicated U.S.-based Administrator assigned to your organization (knows your environment, people, and processes.)
    • Cost-effective alternative to a full-time administrator can function as an addition to your staff, freeing your in-house Admin for project work.
    • Anything from hands-on work, phone support, coverage, research, coaching, development, and working with vendors on your behalf.


Why Migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

Scalability and Flexibility

Atlassian Cloud provides a scalable and flexible environment for your organization’s growing needs. With Atlassian’s cloud infrastructure, you no longer have to worry about server capacity or hardware upgrades. The cloud platform allows you to effortlessly add or remove users, adapt to changing demands, and scale your operations without disruption.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of Atlassian Cloud. With features like real-time editing, inline comments, and notifications, your teams can collaborate seamlessly on projects, tasks, and documentation. Atlassian Cloud also integrates with other popular collaboration tools, allowing you to create a unified and connected workspace for your teams.

Advanced Security and Compliance

Atlassian takes security and compliance seriously. By migrating to Atlassian Cloud, you can leverage their robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and regular vulnerability assessments. Atlassian Cloud also helps you meet industry compliance standards, ensuring your sensitive data is always protected.

Contact us for more information about Atlassian Server’s end of life and next steps.

Organizations get value out of Atlassian Jira ITSM from day one!



Deliver low-cost, fast value with empowered teams using flexible processes and intuitive workflows.



Bring visibility with an open platform for all teams, from business to dev to IT ops.



    Increase flow from Dev to Ops by inviting those teams to an integrated platform, built on Jira.

      • Increased ROI: 246% return on investment
      • Faster time to value: Average implementation time of 2 months
      • Improved efficiency: 61% improvement in agent productivity

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