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Contentful Development
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Our experts use Contentful (Headless CMS) and Next.js or Gatsby (React) to quickly deliver modern, lightweight, and blazing-fast Jamstack Websites, Apps and Portals. From ideation to UX/UI design to implementation – you can count on XTIVIA to deliver successful outcomes.

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Contentful Consulting
Next.js consulting and development


  • Are you tired of monolithic app architectures and traditional DXP/CMS platforms?
  • Are you looking for agility in delivering top-notch digital experiences to your users and considering a MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) architecture?
  • Are you looking for a Headless CMS that enables delivering top-notch digital experiences to users over a number of channels—web, mobile, wearables, and more?

Enter Contentful, an API-first content platform—it enables content-rich experiences to be created, managed, and delivered to any digital product, channel, or device.

  • Is your web development team new to MACH architecture in general or Contentful in particular?
  • Do you need help choosing the right “tech stack” for your Contentful project?
  • Do you need to outsource your Contentful development project?
  • Do you need to augment your team with Contentful architects and/or developers?
  • Do you need Contentful development best practices coaching?
  • Do you need help with content modeling?

Enter XTIVIA, an expert Contentful development company and partner that has experienced Contentful architects and developers that can help you fast track your Contentful project. 

XTIVIA’s experts help you achieve your goals through Contentful, Next.js or Gatsby (SSG or SSR), React Native, APIs, Integration, and related technology solutions. With Contentful, you can quickly build customized Jamstack websites, portals, mobile applications, and digital experiences for your specific business needs, at a lower TCO. Schedule a complimentary Contentful consultation on how we can help you deliver your desired business outcomes.


Contentful Quickstart

Getting started with your new headless CMS and website/mobile app implementation initiative involves a number of key decisions and thoughtful planning. XTIVIA’s agile kickstarts help you set up your program for success from the beginning.

UX/UI Design

Let our team clearly translate your vision and company branding objectives into a smooth UX with sophisticated frontend designs, delivered on time and within budget.

Contentful and Web/Mobile Development

End-to-end implementations from concept to UX/UI designs, from business objectives to agile project plans, to successful go-live and ongoing releases – we have you covered.

Contentful and Web/Mobile Managed Services

Ongoing development, maintenance, and operational support of your Contentful implementation, and associated websites and/or mobile apps. 

Our Contentful Expertise

We not only have expertise in Contentful but also a number of related areas such as marketing, digital experience design, web and mobile app development, content management, DevOps, Cloud, Integration, Workflows, and more!

UX/UI Design




App Development

Content Management





Our Contentful projects typically leverage some of these other tools as well; we can guide you on the pros and cons of using these versus other alternatives, and we can also adapt to your preferred tools.

No obligation, no pressure. We’re easy to talk with and you might be surprised at how much you can learn about your web development project by speaking with our Contentful experts.

If you can imagine the business outcome, XTIVIA can create it with technology.

XTIVIA is a truly amazing vendor partner. Their collaboration and insightfulness on our projects have all led to successful deliveries that we wouldn’t have made without them. I have given them several tough deadlines, and they have delivered on time and on budget with a superior quality product.

Todd Hamilton

Department Manager, Application Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama


We have featured two customer case studies from our portfolio of Contentful-based projects—from stunning Jamstack websites to modern apps and a customer portal.

Novo Insurance—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

Check out this brief video walkthrough of the Contentful/Next.js based Novo Insurance website developed by XTIVIA.

Novo Insurance—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

Novo Insurance—The Need

Novo Insurance is a new age Insurtech company that is aiming to disrupt the insurance industry, accelerating it into the digital age. Novo Insurance launched in 2022 with a new energetic, edgy brand targeting Generation Now. They were looking for a development partner to implement their vision for a “cool” website and a seamless auto insurance quote-to-bind application. Novo chose XTIVIA after an elaborate RFP process since they wanted a firm that specializes in the Insurance industry as well as modern Jamstack architecture, Contentful, Cloud, and APIs from a technology perspective.

Novo Insurance—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

The XTIVIA Solution

XTIVIA worked closely with the Novo UX/UI design team to deliver an edgy, trendy website that pushed the envelope in Contentful content modeling and Next.js/Tailwind development, and implemented various animation effects using the GSAP library. 

Additionally, we worked closely with the Novo technology team to build and deliver a state-of-the-art quote-to-bind app for selling auto insurance.

» Integrates with a variety of back-end systems and third-party services via APIs

» Streamlines the process of getting a quote for auto insurance with data pre-fill, adjusting coverages to fit the buyer’s needs, and completing the process of buying the insurance policy

» Leverages dynamic forms and dynamic data binding to fast-track process of rolling out this app for multiple states and possibly multiple insurance products

Novo Insurance—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

Technology Highlights

Tech Stack: Contentful (Headless CMS), Next.js, Tailwind CSS, GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP), AWS Amplify, React JSON Schema Forms, REST APIs

Novo Insurance—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

“Thank you, XTIVIA team for the successful development and launch of our Novo.us website. The XTIVIA expertise around Contentful along with Next.js and webdev skills was put to the test with our unique design requirements and they came through with flying colors! As we continue to work with you on creating the best online quote to bind experience in the industry, your insurance domain expertise has certainly built confidence in our technical and marketing teams. I look forward to the next milestone.”

Robert Skinner, VP Product Marketing, Novo Insurance

Fractionation Research, Inc—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

Fractionation Research, Inc.—The Need

Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI) is a non-profit research consortium supported by memberships which include many of the largest petroleum, chemical, and engineering companies in the world. It was founded in the 1950’s to engage in research that was too expensive for any one company.

FRI had started down the journey of implementing a new website and customer portal with another web development firm, but was facing a never-ending project that had gone on for 2+ years and had significant issues. FRI selected XTIVIA to rescue the project for its expertise in Contentful, Next.js, and API-driven web development.

Fractionation Research, Inc—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

The XTIVIA Solution

XTIVIA came in and performed a 2-week assessment and planning engagement to address key architectural and development issues, and delivered a plan for implementation success with a modern, microservices-based Jamstack architecture. Once FRI approved the implementation phase, we had a development team work closely with the FRI stakeholders and content team to develop features using an agile methodology, incrementally delivering features—marketing pages with content managed in Contentful, member security, video and event purchase, projects, reports, training, calendar of events, and more. And the new website and member knowledge base portal were successfully launched within four months.

Fractionation Research, Inc—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study

Technology Highlights

Tech Stack: Contentful (Headless CMS), Next.js (SSG and SSR), Fauna database, Netlify (Build, CDN, Forms), Mailchimp, Stripe, Vimeo.

Fractionation Research, Inc—A Contentful/Next.js Case Study


“FRI came to XTIVIA after struggling and failing to develop our website in 2 ½ years. Every XTIVIA team member from sales to delivery, has been a pleasure to work with. With their vast knowledge base in Contentful, Next.js, Netlify and web development in general, they were able to develop a plan and get our approval in a month, and finish development and launch in under four months. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with XTIVIA through their managed services. FRI highly recommends starting your website project with XTIVIA.”

Jeanifer Randall, Corporate Administration Director at Fractionation Research, Inc.

Why Work With XTIVIA As Your CMS Project Partner?

Small enough to provide personalized delivery and large enough to take on your enterprise scale programs.

Specialize in large-scale project implementations with 25+ years of real world CMS and web development project delivery with market leading corporations.

Strategic advice beyond the framework of a single project; we bring our library of best practices and reusable patterns to fast track your CMS implementation program.

Deep technical expertise not just in CMS but also related technologies—Modern Apps, APIs, Integration, Cloud, DevOps, and Data. And top that off with our marketing and UX/UI design expertise.

Long-Term Contentful Partnership

Our world-class UX/UI design expertise, agile development process, transparent project management, 20+ years of CMS expertise, and end-to-end implementation skills (all the way from architecture to devops to maintenance) make your project smooth.

Our commitment to your success makes XTIVIA your long-term Partner, and in particular your Contentful Partner.

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