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Unlock the potential of Liferay with XTIVIA. Our experts provide custom portals, digital commerce, and advanced content management – modern, secure, performant, and scalable.

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Get the most out of your investment with XTIVIA’s Liferay Portal DXP experts. Our experienced software practitioners, combined with our expertise in enterprise portals, content management systems, modern JavaScript applications, and deep integration services, enable us to deliver superior results with a fast ROI.

We cover the full suite of Liferay Products

At XTIVIA, we are dedicated to helping businesses unleash their full potential through the power of Liferay DXP. Our experienced team can assist your business in leveraging the Liferay platform to create tailored digital experiences that meet all your needs. With our comprehensive experience in building customer portals, supplier portals, partner portals, and digital commerce solutions, you can be sure that you will get the most out of every interaction with your customers, external and internal.

Liferay Consulting and Implementation Services

We have portal specialists with thousands of hours of experience and proven results. Solving your business challenge is our goal. We’ve built more than platforms – we’ve built a team.

Liferay Performance Tuning and Support

If your Liferay system needs a boost, or you want to optimize your application and database, we’ll assess and tune your environment appropriately.


Liferay DevOps

XTIVIA combines industry-leading processes and state-of-the-art tools to create an efficient solution that delivers ongoing value.

Liferay Enterprise Edition Software

Purchasing Liferay subscriptions through XTIVIA allows us to improve your ongoing investment and give you meaningful consulting, integration and support services under one umbrella.

Digital Experience Design

Let our team clearly translate your vision and company branding objectives into a smooth UX with sophisticated frontend designs, delivered on time and within budget.

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Digital Experience Platform

The Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a powerful and versatile tool for creating digital experiences. It provides an end-to-end platform for content management, user management, analytics, e-commerce, and more
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Liferay Commerce supports B2C and B2B digital commerce use cases with a comprehensive suite of features that help simplify the process of creating and running online stores, including product management, inventory tracking, order processing, and customer analytics.

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DXP Cloud

Liferay Experience Cloud offers both PaaS and SaaS options for creating and managing digital experiences. It offers fast setup, scalability, reliability, security, and cost-efficiency tailored to customer needs.

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Analytics Cloud

Liferay Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based analytics platform that provides businesses with detailed insights into their Liferay-based website and application usage. It offers features like site, page, content analytics, audience segmentation, and A/B testing.


XTIVIA’s solutions built on Liferay allowed Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama to improve user experience and streamline business operations. These solutions include four public websites, a member portal, a provider portal, a customer service hub, two mobile apps, and more.

XTIVIA is a truly amazing vendor partner and an expert on the Liferay Portal. Their collaboration and insightfulness on our projects have all led to successful deliveries that we wouldn’t have made without them. I have given them several tough deadlines, and they have delivered on time and on budget with a super-quality product.
Todd Hamilton

Department Manager, Application Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama


Industries We Serve

Liferay is a powerful enterprise platform that can serve businesses in many different industries. It offers an extensive array of features and capabilities which give companies the tools they need to create custom applications and portals. Popular industries that utilize XTIVIA’s services include financial services, insurance, healthcare, technology, education, government, manufacturing, and retail. XTIVIA helps companies transform their customer experience (CX) while keeping operational costs low.


Why Partner with XTIVIA

Get the top-level support you need with XTIVIA. Our team of experts has decades of experience crafting custom websites, portals, and multi-tenancy solutions. We can give you exceptional results quickly and cost-effectively – no matter your company size. Our esteemed list of clients is a testament to our quality; HP, Dominos, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rite Aid, Bosch, and Schneider Electric have all trusted XTIVIA to deliver superior results.


Strategic Alignment

Transform your web presence with the power of Liferay DXP. Consolidate, shape, and improve your digital experience to create a look and feel that’s entirely your own. Enjoy peace of mind with Liferay DXP – it’s a leader in the digital experience space, provides better results than classic Portal/Content Management Systems, and has experienced XTIVIA engineers who are passionate about helping you maximize its potential.

Liferay Migrations & Upgrades

The most current version of Liferay is 7.4; starting with Liferay 7.4, Liferay adopted a rolling release model for delivering updates and fixes. This means Liferay 7.4 is a long-living release with many releases for the foreseeable future. If you are on an older version of Liferay such as Liferay 6.x, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, or 7.3, we can help you migrate or upgrade your existing system. Our library of Liferay upgrade/migration best practices and templates ensures success in minimal time while reducing risk.


From SMBs to the Global Fortune 500

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