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SSIS: SQL Server Integration Services – Simplified

It’s not enough to have large amounts of data—it’s imperative that we make those data work for us.

With large amounts of data coming from multiple sources and residing in multiple platforms, it is vital that your company employs an effective responsive data
integration tool, backed by solid strategy. Using Microsoft SQL server integration services, XTIVIA can help you effectively and efficiently integrate both Microsoft and non-Microsoft data sources to extract, transform and load (ETL) data across your key business data constellations.

The XTIVIA Approach

Assigning a dedicated Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services expert, XTIVIA will:

  • Review your data integration needs for optimal alignment with multiple data sources and primary ETL project needs
  • Review your potential data analysis and reporting needs as they interface with your data integration approach
  • Provide an overview of methodology and best practices for future data management and integration
  • Provide expert monitoring and performance tuning support through XTIVIA’s Virtual DBA service

Contact us for a demonstration of how you can leverage SQL Server and XTIVIA services.

Leverage XTIVIA’s quick-start solution for MS integration services by:

  • Strategic Alignment: Configuring your MS SSIS scalable approach to integrate multiple data sources—including Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms, archive and real-time data sets, intra-company and third-party data sources. Align your MS SSIS approach with your ETL data projects to expedite your data functionality.
  • Information Use and Analysis: Maximize your MS SSIS services to ensure scalability and flexibility across multiple data sources while maintaining a development environment that is both familiar and functional for your users.
  • Best Practices: Leverage our proven expertise in helping your company implement best practices. Using SSIS, SSAS and SSRS, XTIVIA can install and configure all your Microsoft components in 1–4 weeks to optimize your end-to-end solution.
  • Lifecycle Support: XTIVIA’s expert approach ensures rapid deployment of MS SSIS in your environment. We expedite end-user access to your critical business data so that you can begin using your data to inform business decisions. We also offer services to assess your data integration services’ alignment with your analysis/reporting needs.


Depending on your needs, typical deliverables include:

  1. Migration of custom code or DTS to SSIS
  2. Creation of SSIS packages (based on requirements and scope)
  3. Training and guidance in current best practices.

SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Services – Reporting and Dashboards

Let XTIVIA support rapid deployment of the Microsoft reporting services, enabling your BI analysts to more effectively explore, visualize and report your company’s data. Enhance your in-house analysts’ abilities to translate the data analytics through Power View to better understand and communicate the trends and opportunities employed by industry leaders. Maximize the benefits of this reporting solution through interactive data visualizations, professional reporting functionalities and vigorous reporting management and control.

Typical Situation

Your company employs talented business analysts and team members—but there is a disconnect between data collection, data storage, data analysis and data reporting functions. This may have caused delays in your ability to communicate the business-critical data that your analysts have uncovered. Your company needs to optimize the functionality of the Microsoft Reporting Service in conjunction with the SSIS and SSAS components. To maximize your ability to report your business-critical data analysis, XTIVIA will provide:

  • Strategic Alignment: Are you able to visualize and communicate your business-critical data analysis that complements your BI style and the other elements of the Microsoft SQL Service suite? Let XTIVIA optimize the alignment between your SSAS and SSRS needs in service of your company-specific information sharing needs.
  • Information Use and Analysis: Let us support your understanding of the SSRS functionality and compatibility with the other elements of the Microsoft Suite. We can show you how to visualize and translate your data analysis into concise and dynamic data presentations for various audiences and business needs.
  • Technical Readiness: XTIVIA can install and configure all the Microsoft components of Power View, ensuring that they align with the other elements of the Microsoft suite (Powerpoint, Excel, etc). This will tie together your SSIS, SSAS and SSRS solutions for better responsiveness across multiple use cases.
  • Training Needs: After interviews with your target SSRS users, XTIVIA will facilitate your team’s understanding of the SSRS functionality. We use an iterative and dynamic approach to developing your reporting solutions.

The XTIVIA Approach

Our XTIVIA Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services expert will:

  • Review the alignment between your data analysis and reporting processes to facilitate reporting that is cognizant of your company’s BI methods
  • Build key report examples that generate concise, dynamic data presentations on various platforms (PowerPoint, Excel) through the Power View solution
  • Review the compatibility between your SSAS and SSRS solutions, keeping in mind your company’s specific reporting needs
  • Provide an overview of methodology and best practices for future SSRS functionality


This type of engagement typically includes:

  1. High-level project plan with scope and deliverables; and
  2. Quick-start project delivered in your development environment

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SSAS: SQL Server Analysis Services – OLAP and Analytics

Use XTIVIA’s Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services to efficiently identify and build a wide range of complex analytics solutions to help your company quickly and effectively respond to changing business needs and market opportunities.

Typical Situation

With considerable data crossing many dimensions, your company needs to be able to explore potentially billions of rows of information, quickly and repeatedly, with flexibility and consistency. You employ individuals in various roles, with different levels of data analytics experience. All of these employees need to be able to access and analyze data in Microsoft Excel using varying levels of business logic.

XTIVIA’s quick-start solution for MS Analysis Services will provide your company with:

  • Strategic Alignment: Are you aligning your MS SSAS approach with your particular BI style to best respond to changing business challenges and market demands?
  • Information Use and Analysis: Let us help you build a customized OLAP cube that will provide analytics for one particular business problem. The effort will be focused on various levels of user needs for business logic, modeling, drill down, data filtering and pivot table utilization for optimal data exploration.
  • Technical Readiness: In as little as 1–4 weeks, XTIVIA can install and configure all your Microsoft components quickly and build an end-to-end solution using SSAS, SSIS and SSRS to prove the concept.
  • Lifecycle Support: Once the analytical concept is proven and users start adopting the solution, we can help you build a system that addresses the needs of users throughout the organization. We use an agile approach to developing our solutions and ensure that both departmental and enterprise-wide needs are met in an iterative manner.

The XTIVIA Approach

Your XTIVIA Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services expert will:

  • Review your needs and identify up to five dimensions with one fact table
  • Build one SSAS cube and deploy it for end users to access
  • Review data sources and potential data integration needs
  • Provide an overview of methodology and best practices for future analytics
  • Provide monitoring and performance support through XTIVIA’s Virtual DBA service


This type of engagement typically includes:

  1. A single cube with up to five dimensions and one fact table, built in your development environment
  2. Demonstration of end-user interaction through MS Excel or SSRS SQL or SSIS
  3. Scripts used to populate data in the cube

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We build solutions, plain and simple. We identify problems and solve them—for others—for you.
To understand your business needs, we have to understand your technology challenges.
At XTIVIA, the relationship is step one.


We build solutions, plain and simple. We identify problems and solve them-for others-for you. To understand your business needs, we have to understand your technology challenges. At XTIVIA, the relationship is step one.

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