Our client is ranked among the top 75 property and casualty insurance companies in the United States. The company was founded in 1894 and provides personal and business insurance products to home, auto, and business owners. Its insurance products include home and highway, auto, homeowners, condo owners, identity theft, renters, personal umbrella, and sport/recreational vehicle insurance.


Previously, creating, quoting, and issuing insurance policies was tedious for agents. After creation, the policies were shared with underwriters or insurance agencies through emails. The policy rejection or re-approval was time-consuming. The client wanted a system that takes care of the process online. Some of the challenges presented by the earlier process:

  • Creating quotes/policies manually
  • Difficulty in getting early feedback
  • The time-consuming to-and-fro between agents and underwriters/agencies while approving and declining policies
  • It’s become a difficult task for the agents to get premium details instantly
  • Maintenance of document hard copies

Some of the challenges from a QA standpoint:

  • Requirements are not adequately documented or not updated as the changes occur
  • The test case designing process is often ignored because of budget constraints
  • Repetitive Testing: Common functionalities have to be tested for three different applications (SMART, SBOP, and CPP) at a time
  • Aggressive Timelines: Time constraints while performing the regression test as there would be limited time available for QA before launching the application to pre-production and production environments
  • The application needs to be tested with multiple states as some of the key features and coverage are specific to some of the states (like certain referrals are specific to some states)
  • Testing key states and coverage combination is a tricky part in terms of preparing the test data
  • QA team is dependent on the Duck Creek tool to validate the correctness of the premiums
  • Complexity in creating the golden quotes or replicating the test quotes in the Duck Creek system
  • Validation of mapping between Liferay application and Duck Creek application is a big challenge as Duck Creek is a huge tool with a greater number of fields, whereas not all fields are helpful for the Liferay application


To address the identified client needs, the team came up with a solution named “Liferay portal,” which allows the agents to create quotes online for all three available lines of business (SMART, SBOP, and CPP). This provides key features like:

    • A user-friendly interface for both agent users and underwriter users
    • Provides the ability for agents to create the quotes and send them for underwriter review online
    • Agents can get the estimated premium and finalized premium details instantly
    • Underwriters can approve or decline quotes immediately through the portal
    • Agencies can access feedback faster
    • The portal has the provisions for document upload
    • Agents and underwriters can get/download the quote proposals instantly from the Liferay portal
    • Came up with new features, “Centralized Quoting” and “Business Uploader.” These features make the process easier as they can create all SMART, SBOP, and CPP quotes from the Centralized Quoting platform

Some of the key achievements from a QA standpoint:

    • Frequent meetings and seamless communication with business analysts/product owners to get the complete details and understanding of the requirements
    • Added the process of getting the approved acceptance criteria from the concerned stakeholders
    • Attained good knowledge of the Duck Creek tool with no documentation (or very minimal documentation) available
    • Achieved expertise in preparing the golden Duck Creek quotes and Liferay quotes in the Duck system
    • Prepared regression suite, which consists of golden quotes and all the three lines of businesses covering most of the key coverage. This made the QA activity smoother while performing regression activities within the limited time
    • Updating the golden quotes for every two months (as the golden quotes are valid for 60 days only)
    • Exhaustive Testing
      • Testing 100+ referrals which trigger based on different conditions and combination of states and coverage
      • Tested business rules for more than 200 business classification codes
    • Although there was a budget limitation on the test design phase, the QA team carried out the testing based on the acceptance criteria and prepared an elaborate testing artifact with test proof documents mapped to each of the stories
    • Introduced test automation for a few of the key coverage to help the regression activities


The “Liferay portal” product resulted in a stable, reliable, and user-friendly interface for agent and underwriter users. The thoroughly tested solution has eliminated the long and complex manual process while creating quotes and policies. It helped agents in getting instant quote proposals and accurate premiums.

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