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Our client is a well-recognized men’s apparel retail chain. Headquartered in Texas and operating 1,500+ stores in the US and Canada. The company has acquired many big market players as its subsidiaries. The company offers men’s clothing, footwear, tuxedo rentals, and suit pressing with quality, fashion, and innovation as a central part of each product. The company has many warehouse facilities with a reliable supply chain mechanism. Globally, around 22,500 employees are providing high-touch, high-quality shopping experience across their brands.


The client’s desire to provide upscale quality and personal touch to its clientele as well as integrity for their clothiers that is paramount to their strategy. Our client recognized that rapid brand acquisitions led to substantial information challenges on both the showroom floor as well as in the back office.

  • Consistency of customer details was fragmented across stores and not at the tailor’s fingertips. Though they branded themselves as one retailer, they were inconsistent with the shopping experience.
  • Consolidated views of business performance were costly in both time and labor with different Data Marts, inconsistent structures, and data quality issues. Functional silos, data redundancy, multiple data marts & reporting tools, no standard “enterprise” data model, problems with integration and delivery, data quality issues, as well as cross-team coordination, compounded the data management challenges.

Our client recognized their need for a partner with the business acuity to align with their vision quickly and the technical depth to leapfrog their capability for their next generation. Finally, they needed a partner with the agility to respond to quick decisions and priorities for prudent results. They engaged XTIVIA as their technology partner.

XTIVIA helped establish an information-delivery strategy with various stakeholders to first to consolidate all data marts into a single Integrated Teradata Data Warehouse (IDW). Real-time services for customer information introduced customer detail services throughout the enterprise on an Enterprise Service Bus. The embodiment of the solution was in a handheld, mobile application for tailors’ use with clientele during the shopping and rental experience.


XTIVIA developed ESB services to expose MDM and universal data so that loyalty customers could be “tailored” during their shopping experiences. Development initialized in the TuxMobile experience, and the same services were leveraged on the retailer’s eCommerce UX. Therefore, physical presence wasn’t required for rental and purchase use cases.

  1. An MDM service for customer detail upsert was orchestrated to capture store transactions in real-time.
  2. XTIVIA provided IDW architecture and ELT recommendations involving heterogeneous data mart migration into a Teradata IDW.
  3. XTIVIA executed the data marts migration and consolidation to Teradata IDW. We provided the client with a repeatable approach to ingest data marts of future acquisitions into Teradata IDW.

Used XTIVIA’s Data Integration framework and Best Practices to migrate the Oracle-based Tuxedo Rental Data Mart to Teradata IDW.

  • Consolidated Tuxedo Rental, Retail transactions, and third parties operational and marketing data.
  • Migrated Reserve-Online-Pickup-in-Store (ROPIS) data from Distribution Order Management system to Teradata IDW.
  • Created multiple Tuxedo Reservation Reports in MicroStrategy with Teradata IDW as source.
  • Developed dashboards to track the reservation status, style availability, and fashion accessories.
  • XTIVIA provided an integrated view of Daily Revenue, Units of all Clothing, Alteration Transactions, Tuxedo Rentals, Tailoring Transactions, and Laundry Services.
  • Implemented multiple Logical Data Marts to enable Self-Service.
  • Implemented a system for Tuxedo Reservations, Campaigns, and convert leads to opportunities.


The suite of services has enabled our client to continue their acquisition-based strategy confidently.

  • Conformity of Tuxedo Rental data to one standard “Integrated” structure
  • Ability to analyze Tuxedo rentals and sales together
  • Ability to view and analyze Rental data in comparison and conjunction with other Brands and Business Units
  • Ability to find cross-sell and upsell opportunities quickly
  • Ability to identify and convert Tuxedo Rental customers to Tuxedo Retail customers
  • Visibility of all the leads and opportunities to sales personnel
  • Improved availability of ROPIS orders to Store Managers
  • Improved Tuxedo Rentals, Sales, and customer satisfaction

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