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Our client is a leading provider of ATMs, POS systems, and Self-Service kiosks headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with operations in 140+ countries. Founded in 1884, our client invented a cash register, magnetic credit card strip, and self-checkout machine and has customers from small cafes to large banks and the world’s retailers. The company has 34,000+ employees across 160 countries and creates software, hardware, and services that run the enterprise from back-office to the front-end and everything in between for their customers.


Our client had a disaster recovery (DR) solution for their Oracle EPM environment. All the components (Oracle HTTP Server, Foundation Server, Application Database, HFM, and Planning) were mirror-copied from production hooked onto the DR environment. Proper DNS changes were applied to make the DR environment look like production. The recovery time objective was 2–12 hours (with a goal of going back to the production server in seven days). If required, OS and application restoration and might be needed from backup media. The solution involved using a Dev Essbase server in the DR environment (using the Essbase server used for development as an alternative Essbase server in the event of a disaster).

As part of the DR capability test, users could not connect to the planning applications (i.e., in the DR environment where a Dev Essbase server was used as a DR Essbase server). After moving back to the production environment, the Dev Essbase server was in an unusable state for about six weeks.


XTIVIA analyzed the logs and executed the mock DR in an isolated environment and found that the DR approach followed by the client (the drills performed by them) resulted in Essbase security file corruption. XTIVIA suggested the following options for failover:

XTIVIA Failover Options Chart


XTIVIA recommended a dedicated Essbase server for the DR environment (Option One) and demonstrated Option Two with pros and cons. After this, the client had a clear understanding of the root cause of their Disaster Recovery solution failure. Additionally, the failover option, accompanied by pros and cons, provided a basis for making business decisions.

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