Our client provides cloud-based software solutions to over 1,950 of the world’s premier professional and financial services firms. Our client’s cloud platform is built on a scalable and secure architecture. Powered by AI, the platform is interoperable, flexible, and configurable to meet the client’s industry-specific requirements. Our client introduced the first No-Code integration solution for professional services companies in 2002.


Boomi makes it possible to integrate various applications and data whether they live in the cloud, on-premise, or both. This project integrated the data between various applications such as OP4I, SFDC, and Netsuite systems with the following combinations:

  • Netsuite to OP4I Integration (Invoice, Payments, and Notes)
  • OP4I to SFDC vice-versa (Accounts, Contacts, Document, Deal, Deal line item, Contract, Contract Approval, Product, Product line, and Attachment
  • Client Entitlement (OP4I to OP4I)

Accomplishing this integration provided several challenges:

  • Netsuite Integration: We need to expand every element in the Netsuite profile to use those element values in our process. If elements are not expanded in the Netsuite profile, we won’t receive those values in the Boomi process.
  • Currency Converter: The Customer’s endpoint system had column and row APIs. To create a record/update a record, we used row API. Column API was used to update currency type.
  • UAT and Development Environments are not in sync as there were differences in UAT and then Development environment Schema.
  • Cache: One of the objects used 20+ lookup and was supposed to store values into the cache, which would lead to a cumbersome 20+ ‘Add to cache’ shape in the Boomi process.
  • We had to call APIs to fetch specific lookup values, which decreased performance.
  • Technical Expertise: There was a requirement for the QA Team to hold good expertise on the Boomi platform to perform effective Integration Testing.


Agile methodology was followed throughout the project. The XTIVIA team successfully addressed the above challenges with the help of the customer and the development vendor. The QA team was quick to utilize integration testing on the Boomi platform. In order to understand the requirements/processes, the QA team was in constant contact with the Development team. XTIVIA team focused on the following areas during this engagement:

  • XTIVIA QA completed the Boomi Essentials course to participate in integration testing on the Boomi platform.
  • Seamless Collaboration: In order to prepare test cases, QA worked closely with the developers and business to gain a complete understanding of the requirements.
  • XTIVIA QA worked closely with the development team to set up/understand the processes on the Boomi platform.
  • XTIVIA QA maintained a separate set of Boomi processes for testing.
  • Extensive testing was done with a proper test suite to ensure data accuracy in various systems.
  • To improve the performance – The team created a comma separated list from multiple incoming documents and passed this comma separated list to API to reduce multiple API calls.
  • UAT and Dev Environments are not sync. Therefore, the team had to manage two versions independently in Boomi.
  • Cache complexity was overcome by using a unique key for individual lookup and all 20+ lookup values were put into a single cache. Testing of the cache was also handled as a part of this process.


XTIVIA’s QA team ensured the data was successfully migrated from one system to the other using the Boomi process. The team was able to achieve seamless data flow between three systems (OP4I, SFDC, and NetSuite) through effective integration testing on the Boomi platform.

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