XTIVIA’s client is an international car rental and fleet-management service that serves millions of customers annually with 5,000,000 vehicles throughout the past five years in more than 15,900 global locations. In an attempt to simplify the operational and financial risk of such an array of locations and vehicles, the company licenses its brand out to roughly 60 international franchises. Additionally, the client also serves “Insurance Replacements”—for insurance companies such as All State and State Farm insurance—to a wide range of corporate customers.


Hoping to innovate and revitalize archaic operating systems which inhibited business initiatives, XTIVIA’s client embarked on a corporate technology transformation. Specifically, 25-year-old legacy platforms required updates and changes in some 18 systems that covered six database vendors. Being significantly constrained by the inflexibility of their legacy systems, the client needed a technically strong and experienced partner to help organize the data and information of roughly 169 million customers to create unique profiles and personalized options for each individual customer.
XTIVIA worked to ensure that the volumes of customer records were considered as corporate assets, but processed with data quality disciplines to guarantee that the new corporate CRM (customer relationship management system) delivered on its financial and customer promise.


Using XTIVIA’s Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) services—specifically, Data Governance, Master Data Management (MDM), and Data Quality—XTIVIA combined 169 million customer records to create a personalized business and service relationship between them and their millions of clients. XTIVIA’s data cleansing and organization of customer records to create personalized business and service relationships was delivered by:
  • Confirmation of strategic data migration and integration to handle volumes of records with more than 100 million initial loads and 50,000 daily modifications.
  • Specified business approval and involvements.
  • Population services with built-in data quality improvements.
  • Corporate identities and historical views of single customers were created using same-customer records and merge-survivorship routines directed by progressive algorithms.
  • Enterprise-grade services processed 250,000 records per hour and daily services to provide stewardship feedback loops to source systems and owners.


Better customer service and business-to-client relations were a product of XTIVIA harmonizing all customer records into a customer master, delivering a complex double-golden record strategy, and facilitating the capability of Customer-360 service. The close partnership between XTIVIA and its professional partners produced attentive and iterative work through-out the project, ultimately leading to various successes:
  • Harmonized more than 111 million customer records, such as rental agreements, loyalty programs, customer care services and car sales.
  • Increased and identified unique customers for both the loyalty programs and for marketing up-sale by 50 percent.
  • Customer-360 service gave consumers the opportunity to have consistent experience across reservations, rentals, customer service, and billing.
  • Produced the ability to cross-market between subsidiary loyalty programs.


169M Source Customer Records 10,000,000+ Annual Transactions 20,000 CRM Users 5 International Brands KEY COMPONENTS Informatica 9.1 EBX 5 Microsoft Azure Cloud SQL Server MuleSoft AnyPoint Cloud Download the Case Study PDF here

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