Global Manufacturing Workday HRIS Integration


Our client is a large manufacturing company headquartered in Ohio and has several manufacturing and support facilities across the globe (i.e., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, Slovenia, South Africa, Philippines, and Venezuela). The company services a wide variety of markets such as the military, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing sectors.


The client wanted to simplify global processes, which are complex, inefficient, and require multiple handoffs. They also wanted to eliminate silos to better allow for one global functioning team. To achieve this, the client redesigned their HR model to better serve the customer and focus efforts on the business partnership. The idea was to develop a global Human Resource Information System (HRIS) database to house every VTI associate and contractor’s core information, available as needed.

The client chose to implement Workday® to achieve the above goals. Being the system of record for all the HCM data, there were some third-party systems required to
integrate with Workday in order to provide required services such as Life Insurance, Benefits, Payroll, etc.


The client approached XTIVIA to help integrate Workday® with other third-party systems that are based at different geographic locations dedicated to provide their respective services at each of these locations separately. These integrations would help generate additional data feeds from Workday® to the third-party systems thereby reducing the complexity in operations such as HR, Payroll, Life Insurance, Benefits, etc.

Following a study of the integration requirement XTIVIA identified three packaged integration and nine custom integration that needs to be developed to generate the data feed for external third-party systems. The packaged integrations that have been developed are as follows:

  • PI Connector – South Africa
  • PI Connector – China
  • PI Connector – Slovenia

Compensation Packages identifying and creating packages that include several compensation plans and associating the package with salary grades and profiles.

The custom integrations that have been developed and configured are as follows:

  • Cybershift Outbound
  • SAPHR refresh Outbound
  • Minnesota Life – Insurance Eligibility File
  • Aflac – Supplemental – Payroll Actuals
  • Mercer – Pension • Minnesota Life – Deduction Actuals – Weekly
  • Minnesota Life – Deduction Actuals – Monthly
  • Aflac – Supplemental – Quarterly Eligibility Outbound
  • PI Connector/Output – Philippines/Manila – Propel

Compensation Packages identifying and creating packages that include several compensation plans and associating the package with salary grades and profiles.


  • Global HRIS system to allow immediate access to every VTI associate/contractor’s core information globally.
  • Reduce HR time spent on transactional, non-productive transactions/procedures.
  • Increase HR time spent on value added work to help drive overall business results.
  • Drive towards standardization of global processes.



Workday® – Real SaaS Delivery Platform

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