Greenbrook TMS Neuro Solutions (TMS) strives to create a comprehensive treatment plan to best address each patient’s unique circumstances and become a partner on their path to over- all better mental health. Their range of services incorporates cutting edge technology and the very best the medical world has to offer.


Greenbrook was looking for a flexible app that could meet their expand-
ing business needs. A nimble, highly customizable, secure and reliable IT system framework is mission-critical to manage the unique, comprehensive treatment plans vital to the success of the organization and their patients. Salesforce was chosen to provide this foundation and became ingrained in the culture; however, it needed to be extended into resource management and patient scheduling.
After evaluating the SFDC AppExchange and other pre-built applications, TMS was not confident that an off-the-shelf app would address their intricate system and user requirements. XTIVIA was the partner of choice due to our Salesforce certifications and experience.


Through a series of in-depth meetings and careful analysis, the components of this application were laid out and validated against user requirements. An agile environment, along with extensive collaboration throughout the project, kept the focus on developing a best-in-class calendaring application to set fluctuating resource availability aligned with patient treatment needs.
By ensuring all the variables regarding staff, doctors, rooms and equipment were included in the equation, TMS now ensures patient needs are consistently addressed at the highest level throughout their patient experience.


TMS now has a state-of-the-art patient and resource scheduling system with a custom application by XTIVIA on the Salesforce Platform. Employees and management almost immediately noted the decrease in administrative burden for coordinating doctor and staff scheduling, establishing treatment time-lines aligned with patient appointments, and fast processing of medical claims which begins automatically post-appointment. TMS estimated a time savings of at least an hour per week per staff member by eliminating these types of manual tasks.
After setting this foundation in place, routine tasks and processes were automated to reduce staff workload.

Delano Ligu, CTO, said that “the scheduling application, which was built from the ground up, had a 100% adoption right from start, completely replacing our previous solution and it has become essential to our daily operations in all of our 32 clinics.”

Ultimately, the project was a “great success” and, based on the quality of craftsmanship and professionalism exhibited by XTIVIA,

Delano Ligu says, “We have already launched the second phase to add even more features and functionalities to the solution.”

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