Custom home-grown Coldfusion/Java portal migration to Liferay 6.1 EE for a 3-million member health insurance provider

XTIVIA worked with a major US health insurance provider to migrate their custom, home-grown portals built using a mix of Coldfusion content pages and Java applications to the Liferay 6.1 EE platform. Our client had multiple portals addressing its key channels: Member portal, Provider portal, Sales portals, and Group portal (Employers). The hodgepodge of technologies, the lack of true content contentment capabilities, and increasing user expectations were straining the client’s resources. Accordingly, the client decided to undertake an enterprise portal reengineering assignment to reengineer, portalize these applications and migrate them to the Liferay portal platform. XTIVIA was responsible for the end-to-end migration of the enterprise portal and reengineering of Web applications ensuring minimal business disruption. XTIVIA executed the migration project in multiple phases and worked hand-in-hand with the client’s IT team to ensure effective knowledge transfer. As part of this long-term engagement, XTIVIA scored some quick wins by migrating to Liferay the main public site and the sales portals that were content-intensive and light in terms of application functionality. With the core high-availability Liferay environments in place, the team then focused on migrating the member portal to Liferay without reengineering each of the member applications, and then shifted focus to re-writing these applications to leverage newer technologies and deliver a more engaging, responsive User Experience (UX). Additionally in parallel, XTIVIA worked on a larger, multi-year initiative to migrate the Provider portal with extensive business process, functional, and UX reengineering.

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