Huhtamaki, Inc (Huhtamaki North America) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huhtamäki Oyj, a global manufacturer of consumer and specialty packaging products based in Espoo, Finland. With a focus on molded fiber packaging, flexible packaging, release films and paper cup manufacturing, the Huhtamaki offering includes standardized products and customized packaging alongside complete packaging systems—consumers may be familiar with their retail brands, such as Chinet® and BioWare®. Huhtamaki’s net sales topped EUR 2.3 billion in 2013. Their global presence includes approximately 14,100 employees, distributed in 31 countries in 59 manufacturing units worldwide. The parent company, Huhtamäki Oyj, is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd under the symbol HUKI.


One of Huhtamaki North America’s strategic initiatives to increase customer satisfaction and drive revenues was to use the web to expose their product catalogs to a larger audience. They had already established several internal successes using the Liferay Portal platform within their daily operations. The company made the decision to revamp the public website presence and to integrate it with existing enterprise systems which housed the various product catalogs. Because the product catalogs crossed internal boundaries for lines of business, different teams needed the ability to easily and consistently maintain the system.


Huhtamaki North America selected Liferay Portal to develop their new customer website, and XTIVIA to help them accomplish their vision. With a clearly defined timeline and budget in mind, XTIVIA collaborated extensively with the business and IT teams to establish an agile approach that would meet their needs and result in a maintainable solution. XTIVIA worked cohesively with a third-party design firm to translate a modern user experience into a Liferay User Interface. Core default Liferay Portal features leveraged on this project included:

  • Web content management
  • Documents and media management
  • Enterprise search
  • Liferay themes leveraging Velocity, CSS, HTML5, and AUI
  • Site staging and publishing

More than 40 public-facing pages were brought to life on the Liferay-built site at, using a design that reflects the Huhtamaki brand and philosophy. Multiple content structures and display templates were designed to deliver consistency and repeatability using Liferay Web Content Management (WCM). The Sustainability page, which describes Huhtamaki’s efforts towards reducing its environmental impact, demonstrates an effective and innovative use of the parallax scrolling technique. Multiple product catalogs were designed to be highly responsive in order to minimize page-load times. The single-page interfaces use popular JavaScript frameworks such as AlloyUI and Backbone.js to avoid page reloads and maximize system resources as users navigate through a large volume of products. Modern best practices for application architecture were a key consideration when handling integration with existing systems to retrieve product data. A services tier encapsulates a manageable REST API to decouple the systems and enable them to scale while minimizing downtime.

“Liferay Portal is a proven enterprise portal platform with a large customer base and a high level of customer satisfaction. Liferay Portal includes an intuitive interface and the latest website technologies. These features helped us achieve rapid website development,” said Chris Cooper, PMP, Project Manager at Huhtamaki. “We are impressed that Liferay continually recognizes XTIVIA as the Liferay North America Partner of the Year. We selected XTIVIA and found that they were great partners with us and our third-party web design team. XTIVIA’s website development team has a friendly, professional approach to their work. They helped us achieve our website vision and provided expert guidance along the way. With XTIVIA, we were able to produce an outstanding, functional and reliable website to help us connect to our customers. In addition, we were able to do so within our project budget and timeline!”


XTIVIA’s team leveraged the Liferay development paradigm to deliver an extremely fast and easy-to-use online product catalog, which allows users to quickly find the exact products they desire. This implementation effectively leverages Liferay capabilities that drive consistency and maintainability throughout the website.

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