Our client is the leading auto & property insurance company in the US. They offer vehicle insurance policies for individuals and commercial organizations, specializing in non-standard personal automobile policies, which account for more than 90% of premiums. They also offer a 24/7 roadside assistance program, even for non-insurance holders, with free membership offers. The client is known for their extraordinary on-time service, user-friendly online applications, and claim assistance. 


Our client wanted to re-implement their billing logic triggered by various policy events, such as endorsements, payments, cancellations, etc. The current billing generator was synchronous and dynamic, negatively affecting the performance-of-payment service performance as a massive amount of data needed to be considered before arriving at a proper billing schedule for every policy. Real-time endorsement and financial event awareness were uncertain, and as a result, the billing schedules were considered unreliable. The key challenges were: 

  • Re-implementation had to be done by re-engineering the existing application code, as there was a lack of documentation available.
  • Need for comprehensive testing covering different policies at different stages of the policy life cycle.
  • This project demanded a profound understanding of the insurance domain to ensure the team could do thorough testing.
  • Test data setup was the biggest challenge.
  • Testing involved good database testing expertise to test the data integrity and consistency.
  • The solution had a lot of complex calculations which had to be meticulously tested to ensure data was accurate with the required precision.


The re-implementation of billing services made billing real-time, enhancing the billing features to address all policies, irrespective of their current state. XTIVIA QA team had to focus on testing the business-critical functionality with an exhaustive list of testing artifacts. XTIVIA’s QA team:

  • Worked closely with the Development Lead during the re-engineering process to understand the functionalities.
  • Helped to document the understanding and got it signed off from the Business SMEs.
  • Made valuable suggestions for the identified gaps during the re-engineering process. 
  • Was involved in creating complex SQL queries to test the data mapping & accuracy of business rules.
  • Reduced the effort by automating the test data & test verification processes using reusable Selenium scripts.
  • Thoroughly tested calculations & billing schedules with an extensive set of test artifacts.
  • Maintained clear documentation of the test evidence & shared it with the business stakeholders.
  • Improvised the defect management process to have a transparent tracking even with the lack of a specific defect management tool.


With this project, XTIVIA’s QA Team ensured the successful delivery of a financial-critical solution which helped the client achieve their business goals. The client attained a quick time-to-market, accelerating their business and improving their customer satisfaction. 

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