Kaolin clay is a naturally occurring mineral found in abundance in central Georgia. Once processed and purified, the substance is used in a broad range of industries and applications including paper processing, paint, ink, adhesives, plastics, and agriculture. KaMin LLC has a 70-year tradition of finding, mining, and processing kaolin clay. Its success stems from its ability to tailor its product offering to the unique needs of its clients. Its scientists, engineers, and technicians create custom formulations and deliver expert assistance and advice.


Four years ago, KaMin was formed as a spin-off from the J.M. Huber Corporation. J.M. Huber Corporation had also relied on XTIVIA and Infor™ CRM, so while this seemed a natural choice for the new company, KaMin performed its due diligence before making a decision on a CRM solution.

“We looked at other CRM packages and other providers. We determined that INFOR™ CRM could best deliver what we need. In addition, we value the knowledge XTIVIA has of our business and our business processes. The relationship and trust we have built with them is advantageous, and we trust them to lead us in the right direction.”Senad Hadzic,
Chief Information Officer for Kamin


XTIVIA implemented Infor™ CRM for KaMin, with a private cloud-hosting solution. This service configuration combines the best attributes of SaaS and on-premise CRM systems. XTIVIA administers the software, which allows KaMin to reduce its IT burden while retaining full ownership and control of its data.

“We have predictable cost of ownership, mobile access for our sales force, and broad customization capabilities,” added Hadzic. “Without the IT burden, we can focus our resources and energy on data analysis, obtaining new metrics, and honing our processes.”

Marlene Beck, senior manager of business application services for KaMin, explains that more than 50 users access Infor CRM from across North America and Europe: “Infor CRM is scalable, very flexible, and accessible to our mobile teams throughout the world.”


KaMin relies on Infor CRM backed by the professionals at XTIVIA to provide technology infrastructure it relies on. A significant benefit of Infor CRM over a SaaS CRM application is the ability to customize the software to meet unique business requirements. KaMin has taken full advantage of this benefit, engaging XTIVIA to tailor the application in a number of ways.

KaMin appreciates the flexible reporting and business intelligence tools available with Infor CRM. The tools enable the company to build and maintain a powerful sales engine.

“We make extensive use of reports and have configured the software to automatically distribute various reports to our staff on a regular basis,” explains Beck. “For example, a weekly call report goes out to each representative with a summary of their activities including, number of calls, visits, samples sent, and new opportunities created.”

Infor CRM is not simply a sales tool. “Our technical services team uses it too,” explains Hadzic. “They review customer queries that the sales representatives have logged and can make scientific recommendations for a particular application. This collaboration between scientists, sales, and customers differentiates us by showcasing the depth of our product knowledge and our responsiveness to customer needs.”

Hadzic praises XTIVIA for the vast product knowledge and conscientious service of its consultants: “They know us, know the product, and understand best practices for implementing changes to the software. If we have an idea for improvement of the application, XTIVIA can make it happen.”




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