XTIVIA’s client is an international car rental and fleet-management service that serves millions of customers annually with 5,000,000 vehicles throughout the past five years in more than 15,900 global locations. In an attempt to simplify the operational and financial risk of such an array of locations and vehicles, the company licenses its brand out to roughly 60 international franchises. Additionally, the client also serves “Insurance Replacements”—for insurance companies such as All State and State Farm insurance—to a wide range of corporate customers.


With a vision to innovate and revitalize archaic operating systems which inhibited business initiatives, XTIVIA’s client embarked on a corporate technology transformation. Specifically, 25-year-old legacy platforms required updates and changes in some 18 systems that covered six database vendors. Being significantly constrained by the inflexibility of their legacy systems, the client needed an experienced partner to organize their key corporate entities of vehicle assets and VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) into a master data strategy.
Additionally, the client primarily needed to centralize the historical records of 5 million vehicles over a five-year period, as well as gain consensus across departments on common business parameters and brands into a master record.


After partnering with XTIVIA, the client’s data was updated and organized using specific Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) services that produced:
  • Specifications for data owner and approval.
  • Configuration of Informatica data loads and data quality improvements.
  • Trusted versions of customer, location, and vehicle entities.
  • Sanctioned delivery of corporate assets to any existing or new service.
  • Custom development of data records.
  • Cloud architecture and implementations.
Equipped with XTIVIA’s EIM tools, the client is now able to:
  • Data integration solutions managed and delivered using a Data Factory approach and adoption of best practices.
  • Mulesoft Integrations—which received the 2018 ‘Tech Innovator Award ‘ at MuleSoft Connect.


XTIVIA delivered a Vehicle Master that unified historical records of owned, leased and licensed vehicles from the past 18 years, which were previously scattered throughout four different source systems. Through a tight partnership of seasoned business and technical leaders, XTIVIA provided clear data and authenticated knowledge that produced better asset management, better customer satisfaction and a potential annual increase of $7–10 million. Additionally, XTIVIA’s experienced experts:
  • Created Vehicle Master Data Management, which became source of purified vehicle information needed for New Enterprise Asset Management solution.
  • Produced unique cleansing of data through sourcing strategies from Chrome services and data blending.
  • Provided client with accurate capability to price, market and service fleet vehicles, potentially improving corporate income by $10 million.
  • Delivered reference information sourced from 3rd-party services (ISO, OAG, and ACRISS) and now governed by supportive steering committees that include leaders from the clients’ business units and teams.
  • Published high-volume tables to a COSMOS data store for real-time access and integration services communicating between enterprise systems.


1,000,000 Active Vehicles 400,000 Vehicles Aquired and Sold Annually 87% Daily Utilization KEY COMPONENTS Informatica 9.1 EBX 5 Microsoft Azure Cloud SQL Server Download the Case Study PDF here

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