Maiden Global Servicing Company connected and supported its many business units through a modern intranet that provides role and organization-specific content in a single, responsive location.


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Employee Intranet

Registration, Authentication, Role-Based Access Controls, Web Content Management, Customer Application Development, Liferay Themes, Responsive Design, Liferay Categories


  • Overhaul an outdated site into a modern, responsive intranet
  • Connect multiple related business units in a single location
  • Provide both site- and role-specific content access and authorship

Maiden Global Servicing Company is dedicated to delivering a customer-centric strategy to support the reinsurance and capital needs of regional and specialty insurers. Maiden provides customized, non-catastrophic reinsurance solutions and other forms of long-term capital support. The company works collaboratively with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business and offer customized solutions.

Maiden’s Portal 360 project was created to move from an aging, monolithic site to a dynamic, responsive web experience providing both common and specific content for several business units.

High-level problems with the existing intranet included the site consisting of a single page full of links, an inability to search content and an out-of-date appearance. In addition, although Maiden is separated into multiple organizations, all information was presented on a single site, with only limited permissioning and no targeting.

Maiden’s Portal 360 project had numerous key features that they hoped to implement through a new portal. These included single sign-on and identity federation capabilities, modern responsive user interface, creation and maintenance of separate subsidiary sites, role-specific search capabilities and open source support for Active Directory integration, OAuth authentication with J2EE applications and dynamic content based on user security profile.


Maiden reviewed portal solutions by leveraging the Gartner Magic Quadrant and discussing requirements with a Gartner analyst. After Liferay was determined to be the best fit, Maiden underwent a proof of concept with XTIVIA.

“We knew we needed a strong implementation partner to assist us,” said John Sharp, Senior Vice President of IT at Maiden. “We chose XTIVIA based on their extensive track record of successful Liferay implementation projects. The XTIVIA team provided true consulting and partnered with our business representatives and IT leadership to quickly assess our needs to deliver a new intranet.”

The intranet enabled Maiden to target relevant content and assets within six different companies to specific groups. It also allowed integration with external content and data.

“The Liferay platform provides a solid foundation with a lot of flexibility for Maiden Re to use for many years to come. We see a lot of value in being able to leverage Liferay’s core features to build and maintain our own sites and applications.” – John Sharp, Senior Vice President of IT, Maiden Re


RESPONSIVE CONTENT AND DESIGN – Responsive UI and relevant data adapts to user roles.
RESOURCE INTEGRATION – External applications leveraged to provide needed data and content.
CONTENT CONTROL – Authors control and target content for six different websites.
EMPLOYEE SUPPORT – Single location for reports, Chatter feeds, IT information and more.

In the first phase of building on Liferay DXP, Maiden focused primarily on the internal employee intranet. Since Liferay already has the core components required for logins, role-based access controls, page creation, site look and feel, web content management, audience targeting and other features, Maiden can leverage these capabilities without the need to build everything from scratch.

Today, employees say the site is a major improvement and Maiden has been able to internally prove out Active Directory integration and content management before implementing it on a customer-facing website to ensure success.

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