About Mission of Hope, Haiti

As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope, Haiti exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. The organization was founded in 1998, and serves Haiti daily by meeting physical and spiritual needs of the Haitian population. Mission of Hope also mobilizes thousands of North Americans every year, who donate their time to come to Haiti and serve.xtivia liferay project haiti_logo

Mission of Hope, Haiti’s primary initiatives are focused on:

  • Church Advancement
  • Educational Advancement
  • Orphan Care
  • Health Care
  • Nutrition
  • The HaitiOne Network


Since it began, HaitiOne has been active through face-to-face meetings and conferences. The long-term goal has been to build an application to provide the HaitiOne network of partners with valuable tools to better collaborate and accelerate the transformation of Haiti.

The HaitiOne application would be a single virtual space in which organizations working in Haiti could showcase the services they offer, how God has been working through them, and collaborate and share best practices with one another. The challenge was to find a software platform that could meet these initial needs while allowing more features be added over time—PLUS a strategic development partner who could understand the vision of the application, and help create and implement a long-term roadmap. All of this needed to be done at a reasonable cost, and with limited resources dedicated to ongoing maintenance.


Mission of Hope first chose Liferay, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, as the software platform of choice for its many out-of-the-box features and long-term flexibility. Mission of Hope also selected XTIVIA, winner of Liferay’s Partner of the Year award for three years in a row, for its proven leadership in the portal space, its track record of client success, and its ability to work as a true partner in realizing the vision for the HaitiOne application.

With a high-quality first deliverable and strict budget in focus, XTIVIA worked closely with MOH stakeholders to refine the requirements and design an initial system that leveraged the OOTB features of Liferay. This kept costs low while provided a solution that not only met initial leads—but also provided tremendous opportunity to scale to meet future plans.

Liferay proved to be the perfect platform for the HaitiOne site. One of the prime requirements was to implement a hierarchical taxonomy that could capture the wide range of services the HaitiOne partners offer. This taxonomy would be used throughout the application to allow end-users to easily look for partner organizations based on these services, geographic locations or other profile data. This complex taxonomy was implemented using Liferay’s vocabularies and categories at a global scope to ensure access throughout the portal. HaitiOne’s partner organizations were set up using organization sites, which provided each partner with a perfect way to showcase their profile, along with important metrics that were relevant for that organization. Social collaboration and user engagement was greatly improved by incorporating Liferay’s OOTB message boards and blogs.

The XTIVIA team leveraged Liferay 6.2’s bootstrap implementation within its AlloyUI framework to create a responsive theme. This responsive implementation provides users with the ability to access the site on mobile devices with a high-quality user experience and little additional implementation cost. The project team also utilized Liferay’s site templates to ensure each partner organization has a consistent look and feel for their sites.

The project team trained the Mission of Hope staff in updating content and managing and operating the application on a day-to-day basis with minimal technical know how. They also helped Mission of Hope evaluate their long-term roadmap, enabling them to consider the best options for maximizing flexibility within Liferay’s capabilities.


The first phase of XTIVIA’s HaitiOne solution was launched on October 29, 2014, during the HaitiOne conference. Representatives from more than 60 organizations attended, and saw how the HaitiOne platform built on Liferay provided them with a place to come together to showcase their profiles and work together for lasting change in Haiti. During the conference, attendees provided valuable feedback on future features, and were excited to learn from the XTIVIA team how easy some of them could be accomplished using the Liferay platform.

For the XTIVIA team, the payoff was bigger than just the satisfaction of a successful client project delivery or the monetary value of the project. XTIVIA is grateful to be part of this project, and is working with MOH to continue enhancing the HaitiOne platform for the ongoing benefit of Haiti.

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