Northeastern Utility Company: Open Source – Integration


Our client is a provider of construction services to the electric utility industry in the Northeastern United States. They serve a broad clientele ranging from regional electric cooperatives and renewable energy EPCs to major investor-owned utilities. The company’s core proficiencies lie in constructing, maintaining, and upgrading electric distribution systems, substations, and transmission lines.


Our client was looking for an IT partner to design and build an integration solution to collaborate data from different sources and provide a unified user experience through the UI. The client faced another challenge: the target application lacked interfaces to receive certain business documents and provided a timeline of 6-12 months to build one.


XTIVIA assessed the existing artifacts and progressed through methodical interviews to understand the current state. XTIVIA worked agilely to analyze their findings and prioritize additional discovery meetings with assigned client resources.

XTIVIA assisted the client with integration capabilities such as:

  • Designed and implemented the integration solution using the open-source technology – Java/Spring
  • Partitioned the entire solution into simple user stories and planned the development cycle in an agile approach: design, develop, review, deploy.
  • Accessing the information from a third-party application through the REST API and transferring the filtered information to the UI application through the Rest APIs and built a notification framework for alerting the client user on the functional failures.
  • The high-level design of this integration solution is illustrated below:
  • Pulled the information from the backend database tables through ODBC and passed the information to the target UI application in JSON format.
  • Since the target application does not support receiving PDF files, XTIVIA built a solution to pick the PDF files from the filesystem and upload them to the target application directly on the UI.
Northeastern Utility Integration Solution

Business Result

XTIVIA, with thorough discovery sessions and a deep understanding of the underlying systems, was able to provide a robust solution for this data integration. Now, accessing the information hidden in the backend systems is a click away for the field technicians. Moreover, enabling the integration of the financial core system in an extendible way so that future integrations can be easily on-boarded. In addition, automatic uploading of the PDF files has reduced any manual efforts and achieved this in record time.

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