Paymentech Integration for Workplace Safety Shoe Supplier


Our client is an industry leader in workplace safety as a prominent producer of revolutionary slip-resistant shoe outsoles
for over three decades. They protect employees working for more than 15,000 companies in more than 100,000 locations worldwide from slips and falls by having the right footwear. Slips and falls cost companies $70 billion annually. Their corporate programs significantly reduce the risk of employee injuries while also making comfort, safety, and style available to all their customers’ workers. The company recently spent two years innovating their entire product collection for upgraded comfort, technology, and design to ensure optimal employee safety.


Our client was facing numerous complications involving their payment system — not only did it have maintenance drawbacks on the back-end, but there were several issues on the customer side as well. The system has no account verification on payment card status before saving it during the customer account creation.

  • The system only supports the batch process through SSH File Transfer
    Protocol (SFTP) and does not support real-time integration to the payment
  • The system has limitations when processing partial authorizations/deposits required to keep the split orders.
  • The payment card account numbers are stored in plain text, which leads to non-compliance with sensitive data.
  • Even though the client application is secured using https, payment card information is not encrypted during transmission.
  • The system does not allow the authorizations of payment during the order process and is done when it’s shipped. Authorization and deposit are made in one transaction.
  • In the case of order cancellation and returns, the payment reversal is a manual process.


XTIVIA analyzed the client’s requirements and application design to build a payment gateway service to encapsulate gateway communication complexities and data transformations. The solution also exposes required functionalities to client applications through standard protocols. Additionally, XTIVIA helped the client achieve robust integration capabilities through the following:

  • Built the system to support and handle real-time integration and batch process integration with the payment gateway systems.
  • Created multiple operations to support the payment process’ various functionalities, including partial authorizations and deposits.
  • Built the system to tokenize the payment card information integrated with the payment gateway, which is only valid in customer, organization, and payment gateway combinations. The payment gateway only understands the token, and no other party can detokenize the payment card information.
  • Designed with page encryption, which allows the client to encrypt sensitive data right from the customer order page throughout the transaction.



As the project wrapped up, XTIVIA supplied our client with competitive technology and countless new processes to fully enhance their payment system. The new system can verify payment card status before the order, thereby reducing the order cancellations due to payment rejection. The new system can also process payments related to split orders with tokenized payment card information stored for recurring payments. And, all the data is encrypted in the front-end client applications and thereby adhering to PCI compliance.

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